Can you feel your intestines if skinny

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Dappymummy Sun 08-Mar-15 11:00:03

Lying in bed this morning suddenly felt a tube like structure in my lower right hand side of tummy. Totally panicked and asked DH to look. We could see it raised. I am very skinny with seperated stomach muscles. It suddenly disappeared and now is not there at all. Could it be my intestines I could feel? Help calm me down. I have been prodding all over tummy and I am positive it's not there now.

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ggirl Sun 08-Mar-15 11:02:59

probably poo moving along your colon , or wind?

TywysogesGymraeg Sun 08-Mar-15 11:05:56

Could it be a hernia? Sounds like it might be.

tinymeteor Sun 08-Mar-15 11:09:22

I've noticed same thing sometimes when lying on my back in bed. Think it's the, er, contents of the gut moving through. It comes and goes, so not sinister I don't think, BUT as usual get it checked if it persists, you are worried or otherwise unwell.

Lifesalemon Sun 08-Mar-15 11:15:50

I would say same as ggirl and tiny
only guessing though as I'm so well upholstered that I can't even find my bones.

Thetallestsunflower Tue 10-Mar-15 12:57:47

I get this too-it freaks me out but the bulges are all in different places and move if I press on them. I'm not stick thin-5ft 10 and around 9st 7 but I have wide hips so my stomach flesh is more stretched out if that makes sense. I have come to the conclusion its gas/bowel contents

sunglasses Tue 10-Mar-15 19:41:08

I have this too and I do have an umbilical hernia and separated muscles. I wish I was brave enough to have the whole area repaired but I feel too scared if a big operation. When I get this it also makes me constipated and u look 4 months pregnant. Hate it and would love to be back to being slim and toned and not feeling my insides!!


BigPawsBrown Tue 10-Mar-15 19:50:20

I have this exact thing and my GP once remarked on it �� it's tubular. It a lump so don't worry! For me it's sometimes wind sometimes poo and mostly just the structure of my intestines. Changing is good. My gp said they'd look for a hard fixed lump not changing intestine shapes....

kinkytoes Fri 13-Mar-15 05:08:41

Ah. I get this sometimes when laying down in bed. I show dp and tell him proudly "look, I'm making poo!" strangely enough he doesn't look too impressed grin

Dappymummy Fri 13-Mar-15 11:14:50

Thanks do much for all your replies. I actually went for a scan yesterday on my stomach wall because of on going pain I had a month ago, Discovered an umbilical hernia and badly seperated muscles. It was all pretty depressing and they didn't really talk to me just laughed amongst themselves that I didn't have an ounce of fat on me so the scan should be easy. Got to go back to GP to discuss results. Could all this be causing me acid reflux and burping too?

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Lifesalemon Fri 13-Mar-15 17:39:23

Oh no. Sorry to hear that but at least they found out whats causing your pain, lets hope your GP is more sympathetic then the very rude hospital staff. What a horrible experience that must have been. I hope you get it sorted soon. flowers

Keshakeekee Wed 11-Dec-19 01:46:10

Hello I know this lost was made a while ago but I wanted to know if you ever found out about your concerns because I am having something very similar to this happen to me now and I also get acid reflux that causes nausea and stomach discomfort

Hammadbhatti Sun 19-Jan-20 21:07:47

I am curious u ok now?

Nicki61 Sat 30-May-20 05:24:46

Please let us know how you are, am feeling same thing in my tummy

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