Can you not remember what happens during a panic attack?

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CarmelasFridge Sat 07-Mar-15 15:28:10

I've phrased that wrong.

Daughter 15 had what I think was a panic attack, I took her to A&E and everything was normal, but she can't really remember much about it. She was quite ill anyway.

I've had panic attacks but I remember every last awful moment of them.

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CarmelasFridge Sat 07-Mar-15 15:29:02

She's 14, and not the only one with memory issues it seems. hmm

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FairPhyllis Sat 07-Mar-15 15:42:38

If she can't remember much about it, no that's not normal. What were her symptoms and did she lose consciousness at any point?

I've heard of some forms of epilepsy or non-epileptic seizures being misdiagnosed as panic attacks. If she really can't remember anything about it I would go and talk to the GP about whether it could have been a seizure.

Ohbollocksandballs Sat 07-Mar-15 15:43:23

I usually remember the entire thing unfortunately

CarmelasFridge Sat 07-Mar-15 15:57:43

Thanks both, yes I'll bring her to the GP, I didn't feel it was right.

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wfrances Sat 07-Mar-15 19:35:37

i suffer from ptsd in certain situations i start to panic then my mind floats away and i have no memory , just the beginning of panic ..then nothing .

CarmelasFridge Sun 08-Mar-15 19:12:21

To update, I've caught the Winter VOmiting Bug off her and fainted yesterday, so hoping her PA was something to do with that.

Sorry you've all had an awful time with PAs.

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Vanliv Wed 08-Jan-20 14:05:14

Hey, I’ve been searching what has been happening to me when I have these “panic attacks” and you’re the first person I’ve seen that experiences what I experience. If you could I would love to talk. The scariest part to me is being the only person to which this is happening

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