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Cervical polyps and GA

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Number666livesaMrMIller Tue 24-Feb-15 14:35:53

Hi, first post so please be gentle.

I've recently been referred for polyp removal under GA, after suffering heavy periods, bleeding inbetween periods and after sex/washing.

I've been told it's a polyp, but it's too big for removal in the doctors surgery, so will require GA removal as a day patient.

I have had the week from hell worrying before I was told it was a polyp. I suffer with undiagnosed anxiety anyway and have spent the week planning my funeral and what to tell the kids.
I cannot sleep, feel sick and am bursting into tears at the drop of a hat.

The news that it's a polyp is obviously better than the alternative of cervical cancer that I genuinely thought it was.
I cannot stop googling and readings the stats of polyps being cancerous and certain cancers which mimic the look of polyps.

My rational brain KNOWS it's unlikey to be cancer, but I just can't stop thinking and worrying about it.

I have my pre-op very soon which is also a source of anxiety. I am obese and terrified that I either won't be allowed surgery and the polyp will grow cancerous or that I will die under the GA.

I also have a GP app after the pre op which was booked when my GP first saw the growth on my cervix.
It is worth speaking to my GP about the anxiety?
I've also been diagnosed as anaemic and been given iron tablets. Apparently I need another blood test, something to do with iron but it scares me not knowing what.

Is there anyone who can put my mind at rest? I know it's trivial compared to lots of things, but I really am terrified.
Just to add, the consultant wants to look at my bladder while I'm under, is this normal? He said it was but I always assume people tell me what I want to hear.
Oh and also, the consultant changed his surgery list so I wasn't waiting as long. He said this was because of my anxiety but a tiny part of my stupid brain thinks it's something more sinister.
He did reiterate that he suspected no cancer, I had a clear HPV smear test a week or so ago. I have had no other symptoms aside from Google induced ones!
Please someone reassure me.
Thank you so much for reading, it's mumbled And garbled so I do apologise!

Milliways Tue 24-Feb-15 20:09:53

Hand holding for you here as I'm sure you will be fine. I have a cervical polyp and 1 high up in uterus, an erosion and apparently lots of cysts! All that is being dealt with tomorrow with a hysteroscopy under GA so I will let you know how it goes smile

HangingInAGruffaloStance Tue 24-Feb-15 20:12:45

The doctor won't lie to you about something like that!

Having suffered from health anxiety in the past, I strongly urge you to go to your GP and request therapy. It is very liberating to not be consumed by anxiety. By worrying about your health so much you are wasting the life you have anyway!

Shoegal0305 Tue 24-Feb-15 20:19:41

I suffer from health anxiety and I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst in November last year. I'm on a 3month rescan 'watch and wait'but it's really painful so I know it's still there. I'm
Kinda preparing myself for the fact I will need an op under GA which is my biggest fear im petrified so I know exactly how you feel!!! But that's ME and I'm very good at being the 'other person with common sense' lol I just can't apply it to myself. Your consultant won't lie to you they're not allowed! It really is just you reading into things. Have your blood tests included the CA125 test? Mine came back low so I'm not too worried (but do sometimes let my imagination run away with me!!). PM me if you like im here xx

debbriana Tue 24-Feb-15 20:29:44

You should not worry. My best friend had exactly the symptoms you have explained . She had a surgery done about four months ago. They used a camera. So everything that needed to be cut was cut. She had miscarriage before finding out.
Her one was I think either "12cm" or "12 inches" long.
She is now better and pregnant again.

Number666livesaMrMIller Tue 24-Feb-15 22:44:21

Thank you so much for your replies. Milliways, I hope all is simple and over quickly tomorrow. Are you just in for day surgery?
I haven't heard anything about the CA125 tests, it worries me more not to know of I've had it or not. Expecting to be told I have had it and its not good news tomorrow.
I'm also having an ultrasound, which again worries me. I've self diagnosed myself with ovarian cancer due to the blood test, some my symptoms and my feelin of dread at the ultrasound.
This anxiety really is the pits, I feel for you all who suffer.
Thank you again for replying. Trying for an early night and a good sleep.
Best wishes to you all.

debbriana Wed 25-Feb-15 00:08:39

Stay positive. Good luck

pinkfrocks Wed 25-Feb-15 09:51:32

I'm sorry you are so upset.
I think you need to ask a few more questions first.

You can have polyps etc removed with a local anaesthetic- it may depend on the size of it.

It's not normal to look in your bladder- no. so I think you ought to ask why they are doing this.

A CA125 test is for ovarian cancer- it's not done for something like a polyp that is visible.

I think you need to try to be more assertive and ask more questions. Drs aren't out to 'trick you' and play down things that may be serious. If you are worrying about cancer etc then you need to be open and ask them those questions outright instead of letting it all build up in your mind when they might be able to say that it's not possible with your symptoms.

Number666livesaMrMIller Wed 25-Feb-15 11:04:31

Thank you all for your replies. I had my pre op this morning and all appeared to go well.
I'm hoping if I wasn't allowed the op for any reason I would have been told there and then?
Just waiting now, next week will soon be hear and all being well it'll be over and done with and the polyp rendered clear of anything sinister.
I hope Milliways you got on well today and I'm certain you'll be well on your way to recovery soon.
ShoeGal, that sounds like such a horrid thing to do, waiting waiting and more waiting. Is there a chance the cyst will just go away? I hope so for your sake. I'm sorry it's causing you pain, I hope it's well controlled and not impacting too much on day to day life.
Being a woman sometimes sucks! I'm being reincarnated as a dog!
Thank you all again, just doctors app tomorrow to get through and then a couple of days to myself without the hassle of showing my bits to all and sundry!
Just to add, Debbriana , so glad for your friend to be pregnant after suffering.

imip Wed 25-Feb-15 11:12:37

Op, I had a large cervical polyp removed almost exactly 10 years ago. Mine was removed as part of treatment for infertility. I had had about 4 miscarriages, lots of bleeding in between periods. Because it was for infertility, it managed to be covered by dh's work private health insurance (I am us this was a huge anomaly at the time, but it was all covered!). I also had a HCG (I think that's the right acronym).

I have to say it was a very straight forward and uncomplicated surgery. The chances of cancer is very very rare, as is the rate of re growth. I had it under GA and stayed overnight (go private health insurance!).

I was anxious, but that was more related to the infertility. But as operations go (I've had 4 c-sections and 4 cervical stitches - turned out I was to have a pretty sad obstetric history), I really felt it a very uncomplicated experience.

I wish you lots of luck...

pinkfrocks Wed 25-Feb-15 13:41:00

It's a very minor procedure OP. Friend of mine had it done under GA- privately- and was out the same day- couple of hours later. Depending on the size and position this op can be done without a GA.

I have had a hysteroscopy and biopsy without a GA, and was an out-patient. I didn't have a polyp but if I had and there had been the option of removing it there and then I'd have gone for it- you don't have many nerves in that area.

Hope it goes well.

Milliways Thu 26-Feb-15 09:03:55

Mine was fine. Home yesterday and slept most of it (didn't sleep at all the night before).
Have a lot of cramping now but manageable with paracetamol and diclofenac which I have on prescription anyway. It is also a bit muddled with IBS and the fact my period could be in with it all as was due 2 weeks ago!
Everything looked fine, biopsies taken and the ectropian was lasered which was probably the main cause of the random bleeding & soreness, so all is good.

Number666livesaMrMIller Sun 01-Mar-15 23:28:10

Thank you for all the replies. Apologies for my delay in responding. Milliways I'm glad all went well, hopefully you're in less pain now.
I'm getting ready for Tuesday. I'm not worried about the pain side of things at all. Just the position and the size of the best polyp making it difficult for the surgeon.
I'm also so so scared of the GA. I'm tempted to ask for an epidural but wonder they would need to keeps in longer? I'm guessing I'll not be on the most dignified way either, so probably best to be oblivious!
Thank you all again. Hopefully I'll update after the op.

Nors123 Sat 07-Nov-15 08:56:10

I went for a smear yesterday previously I was told it was a polyp The nurse and doctor yesterday said it was quite God and a funny shape she did say could of burst anyone experience the same as I am worried now

Number666livesamrmiller Wed 18-Nov-15 20:58:06

Ive just seen this thread has another post. I've got no experience of a polyp that might have burst. Mine was just large and in a awkward place.
Has there been any more news or development?
Take care

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