Keep getting hoarse / wheezy / sore throat after exercising

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FrannyandZooey Tue 24-Oct-06 20:02:14

Why? It comes on straight away after I do this mad over energetic rowing thing, and lasts the rest of the day. It is pissing me off because as mentioned before I use my voice at work and this is affecting it.

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FrannyandZooey Tue 24-Oct-06 20:24:05

Bump for the knowledgeable, or just wild speculation would be fine as well

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corblimeymadam Tue 24-Oct-06 21:15:01

Message withdrawn

Dottydot Tue 24-Oct-06 21:17:47

I get a bit like that - I think it's an asthma thing - I get mild asthma, not bad enough to take anything but if I do anything energetic, or even laugh a lot, I get wheezy and coughy. Might be worth a trip to your GP to make sure you don't need an inhalor?

FrannyandZooey Tue 24-Oct-06 21:38:26

Oh heck. Asthma is in my family, I have never thought I suffered though. This is almost all in my throat, not really my chest. It's indoors on a machine. I do seem to be struggling with my throat a bit this year and this is adding to it Thanks for your ideas.

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foxinsocks Tue 24-Oct-06 21:41:29

don't know about the wheeziness but I get a sore throat and hoarseness from acid reflux when I exercise

perhaps try and take a zantac or gaviscon before your next work out and see if it makes a difference

prob better to go to the GP anyway in case it is asthma or something else

jabberthefriendlyghost Tue 24-Oct-06 21:41:42

I have exercise induced asthma, too. It took years for me to get it figured out. I now just use a steroid inhaler occasionally and it helps tremendously!


FrannyandZooey Tue 24-Oct-06 21:42:59

Oh hecketty heck

I thought someone would just say "ah it is your bilious gland (or whatever) and quite normal"


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EliBoo Tue 24-Oct-06 22:23:57

I've had it a little bit recently (whilst pregnant) and a few years ago at the same time of year. Sorry, but yes....I was told it was a mild form of asthma, and given an inhaler. First time I was totally sceptical, and hardly used it - this time, I can see it makes a real difference so I'm being good.

It does seem seasonal with me - maybe its like grown-up croup

Hope yours passes as mine did!

Dottydot Tue 24-Oct-06 22:25:18

yes, mine's seasonal as well - slightly worse now, and also in the Spring - but I think that's because I've got very mild hayfever (it was worse in London, better now I'm up north). Get yourself to the doc's for a check up!

NotQuiteCockney Tue 24-Oct-06 22:28:35

I have exercise-induced asthma, too. It normally comes on particularly after exercise. Doesn't include sore throat, though.

It actually feels like my lungs are full of fluid. It is worst if I exercise in cold air, and tends to come on strongest after exercise.

If you go see your GP, they will give you a blue puffer. If you have one puff before aerobic exercise, and the wheeziness doesn't happen, then it's asthma.

I was diagnosed with exercise-induced bronchospasm (to give it its proper name) a few years back ... it's not a pleasant thing to be diagnosed with, but it's not actually a big deal really.

FrannyandZooey Wed 25-Oct-06 07:30:27

What an arse...

I just feel and sound like I have a mild phlegmy cough this morning, and my throat feels slightly sore. It's not a cold, btw, it has happened every time I do this rowing machine (since someone taught me how to use it properly instead of just sliding about)

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NotQuiteCockney Wed 25-Oct-06 07:46:18

Weird effect. Doesn't really sound like EIB. Does it come on right after doing this? Or the next day?

Are you perhaps making your throat sore by grunting alarmingly while rowing?

FrannyandZooey Wed 25-Oct-06 07:50:39

<snort> possibly

It comes on right away, my throat is sore, and I can feel phlegmy wheezy stuff in the tubes

Next day I am still coughing a bit, in a wheezy way, and feeling a bit hoarse

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FillyjonkthePumpkinEater Wed 25-Oct-06 08:41:11

my mum gets this, she has severe asthma

um...ok, off now.

FillyjonkthePumpkinEater Wed 25-Oct-06 08:42:18

seriously frank get it sorted.

asthma gets worse if untreated

my mum was diagnosed at around 45 (exact age is secret) and by then, its pretty bad.

mind you she grew up playing in the asbestos snow of grim west yorkshire

FrannyandZooey Wed 25-Oct-06 13:16:14

I will, Filly

Oh bugger

grew up in a smoky household

smoked myself till age 30

probably weaned too early as well <cue violins>

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jabberthefriendlyghost Fri 27-Oct-06 12:19:52

When I really get going with mine I kind of bark like a seal when I cough Before I knew what it was I had nicknamed it my "stress cough" because it always seemed to come on after physical or emotional stress.

Blandmum Fri 27-Oct-06 12:23:55

I have a friend with excercise induced asthma. Sje keeps it totaly undercontrol with minimal intervention and is as fit as anything.

See your GP. Treated asthma is no big deal (ds has it) untreated asthma just gets worse and can be serious.

jabberthefriendlyghost Fri 27-Oct-06 12:38:04

Yes, absolutely. I only use my inhaler when i'm under some kind of stress. Otherwise, I'm fine. So, for instance, last year I hardly used it at all, but with this pregnancy i use it several times a week. Still not that bad, though, and much better than coughing all the time.

FrannyandZooey Fri 27-Oct-06 12:38:37

It just keeps coming and going at random, now

I have chest pains - not the heart attack sort, just like a sore slightly wheezy chest

Dp says it's a chest infection, but I feel fine otherwise, I don't think it's a cold or cough

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Esop77 Sun 15-Dec-19 01:40:21

Was your problem LPR larynogealphal (sp) reflux

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