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Cystitis? How to treat?

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Janstar Sat 24-Apr-04 10:01:30

I think dd2 has cystitis, she describes a sharp pain when she does a wee. I have told her to drink lots of water and cranberry juice. Is there anything else I should do? Does she need to be taken to the doctors? She is 11 by the way.

juniper68 Sat 24-Apr-04 10:21:19

get her to take probiotics. This is good for kids who've had upset tums too. If you go to a good health store they'll advise. Otherwise those little drinks you can get will do it but they seem to work out expensive.
have you tried doing a search - children+cystitis?

juniper68 Sat 24-Apr-04 10:21:54

btw how long has she had it? Might be worth a trip to the docs just to be sure

Janstar Sat 24-Apr-04 10:23:16

Thanks juniper, I've got a bottle of probiotics capsules in the fridge so I'll dish one out now.

juniper68 Sat 24-Apr-04 10:24:23

And they're ok for children? sorry i'm ultra paranoid

discordia Sat 24-Apr-04 10:24:42

I've just had an attack of cystitis and got some stuff from the pharmacy which was really helpful. However, I think it is recommended that children should see a doctor if they have cystitis. Perhaps check with your pharmacist?

Janstar Sat 24-Apr-04 10:25:38

She's had it a few days but I didn't realise what it was till now.

Janstar Sat 24-Apr-04 10:26:42

Ok. If she is no better at the end of the weekend I will take her to the docs on monday. Thanks Juniper and discordia.

juniper68 Sat 24-Apr-04 10:33:59

YW janstar, hugs to dd and hope she's better soon

twiglett Sat 24-Apr-04 10:40:40

message withdrawn

susanmt Sat 24-Apr-04 19:51:39

Hey, my area of expertise - urinary tract!

What everyone has said about lots of fluids, especially just plain water, is the usual way to treat. But children with a UTI should be seen by a doctor. Although your daughter is 11, she is still physiologically a child in many ways, and there is a risk of kidney damage if the infection moves up from the bladder to the ureter and kidney.

Hope she's feeling better soon,

sis Sun 25-Apr-04 14:02:32

If she is still in pain try soda bicarb in water -a few glasses throughout the day- but please check with nhs direct that it is okay to give to children.

noddy5 Sun 25-Apr-04 14:55:14

take her to the doctor if it moves to the kidneys it is harder to treat

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