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Havn't slept for weeks, in pain, what's wrong with me?

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Endler32 Sun 22-Feb-15 09:48:55

I know i need to go back to the gp and I will try and get an appointment tomorrow but likely to get fobbed of again.

I have had lower back pain and hip pain for several years, been to gp and back specialist a number of times but never had a scan or a diagnosis, gp keeps telling me I have sciatica or a trapped nerve and gives my amatripalyne (sp) and naproxen. The last few weeks things have got a lot worse, I can't get comfortable at all, my shoulder hurts, my neck hurts and my legs hurt ( as well as the hip and back ), I toss and turn all night trying to find a position that doesn't hurt, when I finally get to sleep I wake up in horrendous pain all down my side and can barely move. Last week I could not walk very well for a couple days ( couldn't get up and down the stairs or put my socks and shoes on ).

I'm 33 years old but right now I feel like I'm 80. It's making me depressed, I am usually a active person and full of energy but now I feel drained.

How can I get my gp to take me seriously? Surely this can't be nerve related, my bones ache?

I'm seriously considering going private to get a scan on my lower back and hips.

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MatildaTheCat Sun 22-Feb-15 12:49:39

It sounds an awful lot like a lumber disc prolapse which is causing pressure on the nerve which runs through your buttock and into your leg. Do you have any altered sensation in your leg or foot? Shin pain, tingling or numbness? If you have an injury like this the muscles in your back go into spasm which is why you can end up with such widespread pain.

Does heat help? I sleep with a hotwater bottle under my lumber spine and my legs supported with a pillow under my knees.

I think you need to ask your GP for an urgent MRI of your lumber spine and insist it is done if this has been going on for too long. If it is a prolapse you will at least know what is wrong. Physio,injections, rest and finally surgery can all help.

Drug wise you need a mix. Naproxen is an anti inflammatory and good but you need a stomach protector such as Omeprazole as well. Amytriptiline is for nerve pain and also helps sleep. What dose are you taking? It's usual to start low and increase until it is helping or you cannot stand the side effects. This takes time. Cocodamol or tramadol are opiod painkillers and very helpful for severe back pain. They cause constipation so lactulose or similar is required. Another nerve med can be added such as gabapentin, this is excellent for leg pain. Finally, diazepam is great as a short term muscle relaxant.

Obviously I don't suggest you March to your GP and ask for all of this at once but do go urgently and ask for better pain control. Cry and ask for a scan. Insist that something is done. A physio referral might be good.bsadly these things all take forever to arrange so get decent drugs in the meantime.

Please feel free to join the back pain thread for lots of support from others who understand the agony of back pain and sciatica.sad

Endler32 Sun 22-Feb-15 13:07:33

I had a X-ray almost 2 years ago which showed up slight thinning to my lumber, my gp told me this was nothing to worry about, I have had 3 lots of physio sessions which made no difference.

I think I will have to beg my gp, last time I went her prescribed more amatripalyne and then said 'what else do you want me to do?' I said ' ideally I would like a scan', he laughed and said he could not refer me, had to be done through a specialist who I have already seen and got nowhere. I will try again tomorrow. My dad has suffered with similar problems since he was in his 20's and has now gone private, he has a form of osteoporosis which was diagnosed when he was i his late 30's, I have told my GP this but they won't listen.

I have pain down my legs, they feel heavy and stiff, in the mornings they tingle.

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Endler32 Sun 22-Feb-15 13:09:44

I take 2 tablets of amitripitine (sp) at night, I take Naproxen when I need it but I don't like taking it as it effects my stomach even with the protective tablets. I will ask about other medications.

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PeaceOfWildThings Sun 22-Feb-15 13:19:36

Did the physio give you exercises to try, and have you been doing them?

I went to a great pilates instructor (also a qualified physio) and learned how to do simple exercises to help with back pain. The best way to deal with sciatica and a trapped nerve is to work on building up core muscle strength.

Other than that, if you really think that you GP has got your diagnisis wrong, try a different doctor?

PeaceOfWildThings Sun 22-Feb-15 13:21:03

is this any use to you?

MatildaTheCat Sun 22-Feb-15 13:26:40

I will be honest and say that I did pay for my first MRI privately. I just couldn't stand not knowing what was wrong. Be extremely careful of doing any exercise that pushes you into extension like no 3 because it will pinch your nerve if you have an injury. Probably best to see someone and do one to one.

PeaceOfWildThings Sun 22-Feb-15 13:32:21

Yes! Sorry, I should have said that those exercises seem very advanced and I wouldn't try them with back pain. A good instructor or physio should be able to give you some simple core exercises to help though.

PeaceOfWildThings Sun 22-Feb-15 13:41:50

I went for some chiropractic treatment with various types of back pain, which helped too. That was how I found out about one of the pilates/physio classes.

TickleMyTitsTillFriday Sun 22-Feb-15 13:42:20

Oh you poor thing. My Dr couldn't refer me for an MRI so referred me to spinal specialist who ordered MRI.
Ask for a blood test as well, for rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation. Tell them you can't carry on like this. Cry. Unfortunately it's the only way sad

PeaceOfWildThings Sun 22-Feb-15 13:52:28

Yes, has your doctor done a full raft of auto-immune screening with arthritis thyroid and lron, vit B and D etc too?

TickleMyTitsTillFriday Sun 22-Feb-15 14:14:36

Exactly. I went to Dr last week with similar problem. aching all over etc. She did blood tests and I am waiting for the results. She did say I had blood test in 2012 that was slightly raised for rheumatoid arthritis...They never mentioned it to me!

Endler32 Sun 22-Feb-15 14:23:08

Physio gave me some exercises to do and recommended a book ( which I havn't bought ), I saw chiropractor a couple years ago after referral to back specialist and he gave me acupuncture which wasn't much help,I only went once as he was too busy to fit me in during school hours ( I have no child care and can't leave dd's as they have sn's), back specialist refused to help as I didn't continue with chiro sad.

I'm feeling so low because I can't sleep, I'm going to dose myself up with my meds tonight and take paracetamol on top, sometimes this helps me get a few hours sleep.

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Endler32 Sun 22-Feb-15 14:24:23

I havn't had a full blood test for a while so it's something I will ask about, they keep telling me I'm too young for arthritis or osteoporosis.

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BuzzardBird Sun 22-Feb-15 14:35:58

I have the same problem OP, also aggravated by chronic knee pain for 8 months. GP has thrown the pain moderator meds at me too instead of finding out what the problem actually is. I asked for an x-ray but was told that it is unlikely an x-ray will show the problem confused so just increase the Amytriptiline to mask it. Excercise makes it worse.
Am seeing a physio on Wed but I know the first words out of their mouth will be "Core Strength!", even though these excercises haven't helped a jot in 8 years of doing them.

A tempur type mattress helps a little...and wine on top of meds (which is probably quite bad).

I think the blood tests are a good idea as GPs don't usually mind giving you those. I will try for that too.

Endler32 Sun 22-Feb-15 14:47:04

I'm looking at getting a new mattress, have tried 2 already but I think I need to go for a softer one, I bought a memory foam topper and pillows but not helped much. Dh asked if I would like to go out today, I jokingly said 'yes, you can drop me off at Dreams bed shop so I can have a nap on on a £2000 mattress' grin, at the moment it feels like I'm sleeping on bricks even though I have a medium mattress.

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PeaceOfWildThings Sun 22-Feb-15 14:47:13

Specific stretches to strengthen supporting muscles is usually a key part of recovery and prevention with back pain. You are right though, you would hope a doctor would want to find the cause. GPs don't seem to be doing that any more. sad angryconfused

TickleMyTitsTillFriday Sun 22-Feb-15 15:08:09

you're not too young for arthritis? I would say:
"I would like it noted in my file that I am not happy with my treatment. I am considering making a formal complaint."
Or put that in a letter to PALS and copy your GP in. Blood tests should be easy to get. Ask for some different pain killers or to attend pain management.

BuzzardBird Sun 22-Feb-15 15:41:32

The mattress I got when pregnant with DD as was in so much pain was sprung underneath with memory foam on the top half of it. The softest one I could get within my budget which was around £200 from an indie.
If I have to sleep in another bed I use a mini tens machine (battery operated about £10 off e-bay) to help deal with the excruciating pain that will result in not sleeping at home.

allypally999 Mon 23-Feb-15 10:30:33

You all need to join us on the back thread - as you can see Matilda and Tickle and others have a lot of knowledge to share.

As regards beds I finally ended up with a pillow-top one (from Bensons) about 3 years ago after trying several which cost a fortune.

BuzzardBird Mon 23-Feb-15 12:00:55

Have you a link ally?

allypally999 Mon 23-Feb-15 12:22:09

hope that works!

BuzzardBird Mon 23-Feb-15 12:48:13

Thanks ally thanks

Eastpoint Mon 23-Feb-15 12:51:43

I have been suffering similar pain & a physio suggested bursitis in my hip. He referred me to a rheumatologist who has gave me a steroid injection. My GP had sent me for a hip x-Ray which came up fine. Good luck with getting more treatment, being in pain is so tiring.

lpvlalva321 Sat 13-Apr-19 21:00:53

Considering a tempur mattress. Anyone got any idea wether it’s better to go for the deeper mattress. Also if these foam mattresses get hotter than a spring mattress. . I don’t like the idea of heat generating and getting hot.

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