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Labarynthitis. Any one had this? Help me!

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cashewnutty Wed 18-Feb-15 15:17:18

I woke on Monday morning with immense whooshing and dizziness and i couldn't get out of bed. GP did a phone consultation and diagnosed labarynthitis. She prescribed Stemetil.

I am still bed bound and can only make very unsteady and dizzy trips to the loo. I've not had a shower or brushed my hair and am unable to do anything at all. It is taking me all my effort to type this lying on my side with the iPad propped sideways on a pillow. I seem to just sleep constantly.

Anyone had any experience of this? How long did it take before you felt able to get up? I hate being reliant on people for help but i am lying here like a useless blob. My parents have thankfully come to the rescue and are staying with me for a bit to walk the dog, allow my DH to work and DD to go to school.

Thanks to anyone who posts. I feel very down right now.

pukkapine Wed 18-Feb-15 15:22:57

Yes, I am just recovering... and I hate to say this but I'm nearing the end of my third week. I've only been able to be out of bed for the last couple of days. Before that I was the same as you - falling (or feeling like I was ) off the pillow - I fell numerous times going to the loo, and sleeping loads. I also had sinusitis so not sure how much was due to what.

I'm also on stemetil and it's helping immensely. Fortunately my husband's work were brilliant and he stayed off/worked from home for two weeks. it took over a week before I could even go to the loo by myself.

It's truly horrid, I really really feel for you. From speaking to RL people who've had it there seems to be a general consensus that the worse you have it the 'sooner' it's over, but it certainly doesn't seem to be a quick thing. Was watching the kids on the swing this afternoon and I was sick through the nausea and motion, and that's with stemitil, nearly 3 weeks after it started?!

cashewnutty Wed 18-Feb-15 15:38:26

Thanks pukkapine I was expecting it to take about 3 weeks to make a recovery of sorts but I had hoped I would at least be out of bed before then.
DH works long hours but is going to try and do some work from home. DD is 17 so can take care of herself but her school is 3 miles away and no buses so I expect we will rack up a hefty taxi bill. It must have been horrendous with small children.

I hate being such a useless lump. And I really need a shower!

pukkapine Wed 18-Feb-15 18:47:45

Mine are 8, 5, 5 so yes it's been really hard with little-ish ones. But at least no toddlers! But goodness knows how we would have coped if DH couldn't have taken that fortnight off, and this week it's ok because of half term. School is a drive away so same problem as you. Is there anyone who could take her?

To be honest if the GP had put me on the stemetil sooner (he thought he had put me on it on day 4 when I first saw him but he hadn't just anti-biotics for the sinusitis... we then rang him THREE further times following various injuries - I cut my head twice and hit the back of my head to the degree I knocked myself out), I didn't get on it until about 5 days ago - about when I managed to start getting up a bit. Maybe the fact you've been on it a lot earlier might help getting you going sooner??

It's so frustrating though - I'm the same as you, couldn't bear being so incapable. But be careful with the shower - get someone to be there sat on the loo chatting because two of my falls were me being over-ambitious trying to have a shower. It really knocks your confidence as well... suddenly you're not even sure where the ground is - something you pretty much take for granted normally!

Westendgal Wed 18-Feb-15 19:00:23

There are lots of previous threads on this. HTH. I've had it too...horrible.

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