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Missjo1984 Tue 17-Feb-15 20:46:51

I am currently taking tranexamic acid for heavy periods and period pains. I was told by my doctor to take this a few days before my period as I really suffer with the pain. I was also told that I will still get my period but it will be around 50% lighter. However, my period has pretty much stopped altogether. It has gone from being super heavy to not even needing to wear any sanitary protection. Has anyone else had this kind of issue? I have done a pregnancy test just to make sure that this wasn't affecting it but it was negative. Has anyone else had any experience with tranexamic acid for heavy bleeding???

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Tue 17-Feb-15 20:49:15

I found that they helped a little bit with the heaviness, and not at all with the pain.

openthecurtains Tue 17-Feb-15 20:53:16

It stopped bleeding but gave me severe diarrhoea. I was much happier just taking mefanamic acid for the pain and tolerating the bleeding.

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 17-Feb-15 20:55:46

I would return to the GP and request a referral to a gynae to determine WHY this is happening (rather than them just trying to treat the symptoms with tablets). There is a reason why this is happening and it is certainly in your interests to find out why.

If your period pain is cyclical in nature and gets worse up in the days leading up to and including menses, this certainly does warrant a referral to a gynaecologist. Endometriosis is a very common cause of severe cyclical period pains.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Tue 17-Feb-15 20:58:14

Attila absolutely right btw. I pretty much had to beg for a gynae appointment before the GP referred me though.

Mefanamic acid gave me awful diarrhoea (sp?).

ghostinthecanvas Tue 17-Feb-15 21:01:23

I take tranexamic acid. I take it when my period starts rather than before tho. It does almost completely stop the bleeding. I have a diagnosis of endometriosis. As Attila says, the acids are treating the symptom not the cause. If you haven't seen a gynae, ask for a referral.

thoughtsbecomethings Tue 17-Feb-15 21:01:33

I have just been put on this as my period had gone on for weeks and then really really heavy bleeding clots and terrible pain. They seem to be reducing the bleeding but I am still having cramps.

Missjo1984 Tue 17-Feb-15 21:18:49

I have a lot of trouble with anaemia which my doctor has put down to the heavy periods. As for the pain, it does seem to work although I have only just started taking them (was prescribed them halfway through my last period). I just find it a bit odd that they have pretty much stopped altogether. The period pains I get before a period isn't constant so I took them for a day and then waited til I was due on to take them again which was a few days later but like I said, nothing has come apart from a few cramps. The GP hasn't even mentioned endromistriosis, just seems focussed on the anaemia

thoughtsbecomethings Tue 17-Feb-15 21:29:02

How many tablets are you taking I am taking 8 tablets a day !

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Tue 17-Feb-15 21:37:34

I was taking six a day.

Missjo1984 Tue 17-Feb-15 21:56:22

I just take one three times a day

Jbck Tue 17-Feb-15 22:13:57

Ive just started taking mefanamic acid for severe mid cycle pain. Pain has started to be almost any time in my cycle but as Im peri meno cycle has shrunk to 23 days. However period due on Sunday and nothing so far, Ive never missed one yet.
I have mild IBS and reflux problems ( oh the joys of the peri) so GP and pharmacist warned I might have problems but so far no tummy probs.

Pain on left hand side is stretching out into hip, pelvis and down leg and I missed a dose at lunchtime by accident and has been awful this evening, would missing one dose do that?

GP has asked me to try a couple of cycles to see if it helps and if not, gynae referral but I don't know if I can stand another couple of months.

Sympathies, Ive never had any problems so I think my body is making sure my periods go out with a bang!

trinitybleu Tue 17-Feb-15 22:34:48

I took both together - it reduced the bleeding majorly but didn't stop it completely. Maybe your dose is too high? Think I took 6 a day, but from the commencement of bleeding as my cycles were all over the place - 14 to 36 days.

(Had Gynae referral. Did a few tests. Came up with nothing. Said he could do no more unless I was having trouble conceiving. I was planning no kids. They left me on the tablets hmm )

ghostinthecanvas Tue 17-Feb-15 23:11:36

Missjo thats not very many. I take 6 a day plus mefanemic. I don't think that should stop them completely. I'm not sure. Maybe its because you take them before your period? Might be best to go back to gp.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 18-Feb-15 09:49:46


Having read your message I would be asking for that gynae referral now rather than in a couple of months time. It may be an idea now for you to keep a daily pain and symptom diary as this could also give the gynae clues when you see this person.

I did wonder whether in your case endometriosis is the root cause of your current problems. The reference to the pain in your leg along with the severe mid cycle pain made me think of this (the endometriosis I had also affected my sciatic nerve).

Some GPs are very uniformed re endometriosis (some think its uncommon when it actually is not; its actually the second most common gynae problem seen in women after fibroids) and often do not think of it as a possible cause; also this is usually diagnosed by laparoscopic keyhole surgery.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 18-Feb-15 09:50:46


I would return to the GP and ask for a referral to a gynae; these problems are well outside a GPs general remit anyway and the cause needs to be properly determined.

Jbck Wed 18-Feb-15 18:54:34

atilla I have a couple of small fibroids but earlier scans suggested they were pretty small.
Im thinking of going back earlier to be honest. Ty

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