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Cervix open - not pregnant

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fourquartets Tue 17-Feb-15 10:25:11

I had a smear this morning and the dr commented that my cervix was quite open (2cm) and seemed surprised when I said my youngest DC was 18 months and that I'd had a Caesarian so hadn't dilated anyway. She seemed quite bemused but then moved on to something else. So now I'm puzzled - does it mean anything? Does it matter? I have a copper coil and had a period last week, so fairly sure I'm not pregnant.

Pippin8 Tue 17-Feb-15 21:12:09

Even if you've not dilated or had a vaginal birth. You've still carried the weight of a baby which will have impacted on your pelvic floor. And you've had numerous hormones at work, which will have softened & relaxed some areas. Also one persons 2cm is another's 1cm. It's all subjective.

In my experience, GP's are not the best when it comes to these things. They say such throw away comments that are nonsense. Practice nurses who regularly do smears appear much more knowledgeable.

fourquartets Wed 18-Feb-15 10:57:02

Thank you! Was just left a bit uncertain about whether it was a problem or not from what the Dr said. But good to know it's not that strange even though I haven't ha a vaginal birth. And will assume that she wouldn't have raised it and then ignored it it was actually a problem.

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