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Has anyone with cfs/me been successful claiming esa/pip?

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HeyMacWey Mon 16-Feb-15 16:24:36

I've been off work sick for the last six months. Clearly not going to be going back any time soon.

Had anyone been successful claiming esa or pip? We can just about live on dh's salary but it'd be tight.

I'm between 60-70% on this scale -

I'm probably in bed a couple of days a week and need to rest after showering /cooking /school run etc.

Is it worth applying? I don't think I have the brain power to fill the forms for me to not have a chance of a successful claim.

Have been diagnosed at local cfs clinic.

MatildaTheCat Mon 16-Feb-15 16:48:04

If you have a medical diagnosis then go for it. If you are off sick and not getting ssp and are up to date with your NI then you should qualify for Contribution Based ESA. That can be paid for you to a year and is not means tested.

Pip is different, not means tested and very much about how your medical problems affect you, mainly around self care ie washing and dressing and feeding yourself. There is no consideration for cleaning, shopping or looking after a family.

In both cases the forms are long, repetitious and soul destroying. It helps to include medical letters, reports etc. the assessments take forever. But yes, go for it. I would think that CFS charities would be able to advise on the forms. You have to keep repeating the same info over and over again. I didn't fill in the actual forms at all but answered the questions on a word document so you can reword things and add to it. It took ages but the fact that it is very difficult is in itself evidence of disability. Pip is not means tested.

God luck.

HeyMacWey Mon 16-Feb-15 17:40:03

Thanks. I think my Ssp ran out this month.

I've got copies of work OT reports as well as letters from the clinic to my gp confirming diagnosis.

Good idea to use a word doc.

I've had a look on action for me's website and the guidance looks good on there. I think the longer you live with something like this the easier it is to forget what life was like before so it's easy to under play the impact on life.

Iamaslummymummy Mon 16-Feb-15 17:41:53

I get esa and dla

BigPawsBrown Mon 16-Feb-15 17:47:30

I was about 10-20% on that scale, and a lawyer, and I was unsuccessful! However my heart wasn't really in it and I was too unwell to really put everything in to the paperwork. As it goes it wouldn't have been very good for me psychologically to get awarded benefits and I'm sort of glad I was pushed back to work because I was so sure Id never be well enough and I now work all the hours (fully recovered pretty much). CAB were really helpful with no wait times and they give really clear advice on what to say.

smallroses Mon 16-Feb-15 17:51:34

I get ESA support group and DLA high rate care low rate mobility, has just been renewed indefinitely (but I know I'll have to switch to PIP when it comes up in my area). My ESA is contributions based and has been paid for seven years, it's not limited to just a year if you can get in the support group. I have other diagnoses on top of ME as well. I used the Benefits and Work website, made sure I sent in stacks of evidence and I have a great consultant who wrote a supporting letter.

HeyMacWey Mon 16-Feb-15 18:44:46

Thank you - I'll have a look at those websites.

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