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Cranial osteopathy

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Lil Tue 15-Apr-03 17:22:54

Just wanted to revive this thread, as dd is at Cranial Osteopathy for respiratory and reflux problems and after 2 sessions it does seem to help. But at £30 a shot I am not sure how many more sessions I should do. Is this a cure, or just a 'help'?

Has anyone else got any stories to tell (direct ones) as I am at a stage where I will try anything and don't want to fall into the trap of seeing improvement where there isn't any..if you see what I mean!

tamum Tue 15-Apr-03 18:32:51

My experience may not be relevant, as most people seem to be talking about babies (not sure about your DD, Lil?), but for what it's worth...
I am not a great believer in alternative medicine, being a sober scientist (that's not meant to offend anyone, but just to convince you of my initial scepticism), but on the recommendation of friends we took our ds for cranial osteopathy when he was 5. He had never slept through the night. I was so impressed. The osteopath was able to tell me by feeling his spine exactly what position he was in at birth, and said his spine was in a bad way (in cranial osteopathy terms, I mean). After the first session he immediately seemed much happier, somehow, and his sleep improved straight away. He had one more session; she thought he would need three at least, but when we came back for the second session she said his spine felt so much better he wouldn't need any more. So, my feeling would be to go for it. I completely agree it's easy to convince yourself, but after 5 years of broken nights it was easy to spot the difference!

kaz33 Tue 15-Apr-03 20:32:04

We took my son to a cranial oestopath when he was about 3 months because of colic in the evening. The improvement was instaneous - he did have a set back because he had to go and have his 3 month injections. but yes it did definitely make an improvement. I was cynical but was so impressed that I am going to take my new baby along for a session when they reach 1 month.

Lisa1 Tue 15-Apr-03 21:17:01

I've taken both dd1 and ds2. my ds2 had quite bad reflux (he's now 8 months). The cranial osteopath really seems to help, I can definately see a difference after the sessions. I do think though its a help not a cure. I also saw the same osteopath when I was preganant with backache, and she worked wonders which really helps me have faith.

Metrobaby Tue 15-Apr-03 21:25:20

A best friend of mine swore by a cranial oestopath for her ds. She said the change in her 8wk ds was unbelievable.

I used an oestopath myself too for back pains and found it fantastic. I went to another oestopath for my dd, but must admit I did not see any noticeable difference - (she was 11 months at the time).

However I would say if you are thinking of using a cranial oestopath to try and use one that has been recommended. I think this makes a difference definately.

Jimjams Wed 16-Apr-03 09:02:55

Lil- a good osteopath should tell you when to stop. My "new" osteopath gave ds2 about 3 initial appointments and since then I've taken him back once. She said to bring him back if his chest wasn't cleared.

I did take ds1 was longer sessions (we went weekly for quite a while) when we lived in London, but that was for autismy stuff so it was a bit different - in the end I didn't think it made much difference. For something acute 1 or 2 sessions should do it. My friend who's son had the same thing as your daughter used to take her ds pretty regularly for the first 2 years. The as his lungs becmae stronger she now only takes him when he has a cold or something.

Hweorfa Wed 16-Apr-03 10:04:46

I took my daughter for cranial osteopathy when she was 8 weeks - her head was still very moulded from birth, and lopsided, and she was a poor sleeper - screaming when on her back. She had 3 sessions over a 6 week period, and the improvement was remarkable. The moulding resolved, she slep better, and no longer minded being on her back.

The therapist said to bring her back if the problems came back when she started teething, otherwise, she was fine.

tomps Wed 16-Apr-03 12:43:01

Lil - definitely continue if you can - depending on where in the world you are, you may be able to find cheaper osteopathy, maybe ask your osteopath about this. their training is very long and involves lots of hands on practise, so towards the end of training, they get to practise on real patients (with supervision) and they're not paid for it so it's either free or very cheap for the patient. Dd of 17mths sleeps and eats better since starting osteopathy (we also see a homeopath and I'm sure they complement each other - again with homeopathy, you can see supervised students much cheaper); and I have had no further problems since treatment for chronic sciatica. i would recommend it to anyone, especially for babies who have had difficult births of any kind or display vague symptoms which don't have specific 'cures'. hope that helps, and good luck with it.

tallulah Wed 16-Apr-03 22:21:41

My DS has been having cranial osteopathy every 5-6 weeks for the last 8 years. (He's now 15). He is dyspraxic and had a lot of physical problems when he was younger, which have mainly gone. He started off going every week, then we gradually increased the gap between treatments. It's noticeable when the gap gets too long & he starts to have problems.

The HSA pays for osteopathy, so it doesn't cost us anything (as we were paying the HSA anyway, before he started going). I'm surprised they haven't queried the ongoing cost but so far, so good.

Soly Sat 19-Apr-03 18:53:37

My ds is teething at the moment (first tooth/teeth) and is in quite a lot of pain judging from his crying/wingeing and lack of sleep. Has anyone used cranial osteopathy to help in this area? (I imagine it is mainly for physical problems). He is 6 months old and still doesn't sleep through the night either although I have just assumed that he needed to feed and that is why he wakes up. I may need an osteopath myself if he doesn't change his habits soon as I end up in some fairly painful positions during some of his night feeds!

windmill Sat 19-Apr-03 19:56:08

I have not tried cranial osteopathy but I have witnessed some very good results with cranio-sacral therapy and I feel these therapists are often better as they concentrate on this and are more experienced

Soly Sun 20-Apr-03 10:56:45

What is cranio-sacral therapy?

windmill Sun 20-Apr-03 17:07:21

It is an exceptionally gentle form of treatment where the practitioner places his or her hands very gently on the head or sacrum, lower spineand uses the softest of pressures balances the body. It affects the central nervous system and then the effects radiate outwards to restore health to other parts. It is useful for identifying and treating the root cause of any problem and is excellent for the treatment of birth trauma and other head injuries and also helps combat the after-effects of meningitis

tomps Sun 20-Apr-03 21:43:20

Soly I'm sure osteopathy could help your ds - has definately helped with dd's sleeping. She's also teething just now and I'm finding New Era teething salts (Combination R) seem to help. Please be careful with those night feeds - that's how I ended up with sciatica !

Soly Mon 21-Apr-03 11:42:09

Thanks Windmill for the info - I will now try to find a cranio-sacral therapist.

Thank you Tomps for your advice - I used to sit up for the night feeds but have got lazy recently due to being absolutely knackered! It really is not worth it though if I end up with back problems.

Bron Mon 21-Apr-03 21:02:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tomps Mon 21-Apr-03 21:08:40

Soly I know what you mean - I often still feed dd lying on the bed with her so that I can sneak off when she falls asleep. But usually I fall asleep too and wake up several hours later with a very stiff back ! Fortunately no re-run of the sciatica though. I 'treat' myself to a fortnightly massage now, never carry dd up or down stairs (VERY bad for back), and stand on both feet equally when I'm just standing still (not leaning to one side).

stilo Tue 22-Apr-03 17:34:25

Can anyone recommend a good Cranial Osteopath in the Midlands area. My ds is 7 months old and although he sleeps well he is very demanding, whinging alot and sicks up alot but people tell me its because he is teething yet he has been like this from day one! PS I love him dearly though and feel guilty moaning about him.

Lil Tue 22-Apr-03 17:36:26

stilo have you asked your midwife about your baby having reflux? sounds like it.

SueW Tue 22-Apr-03 21:33:04

stilo - are you looking for West or East Midlands?

I have a contact, through my mum, who is currently looking into this sort of thing for me - checking out qualifications in some book or other. If you let me know roughly where, I'll see what I can find out for you too.

stilo Wed 23-Apr-03 11:37:07

sue w - I live in Coventry, west midlands, if you have someone in mind that would be great.

Lil - I have baby clinic tomorrow (thurs) so I shall ask about reflux. I have mentioned to them a couple of times but was told that babies do tend to be sick alot and as long as he was putting on weight every week he was fine, must admit though I have always thought he is sick more than other babies but again other people have just said that some babies are sicky others are fine. But now he is on solids and still sicks up. He had his 7oz bottle this morning and the second he had finished it was like the exorcist - projectile vomiting. This is the first time this has happened, he did not seem at all bothered by it but its definitely concerned me.

Lil Wed 23-Apr-03 15:17:27

stilo, projectile vomiting at 7 months is certainly not normal! I found you have to push on this, some midwives and GPs are very clued up on reflux and yet others just ignore it. There are so many differents things your baby can take to stop this, you should make use of them.

I have been through the mill with reflux, and have thankfully had an understanding MW/GP et al. My dd's paedeatrecian is very concerned that older babies get help to stop acid damage to the oesophagus through reflux. Its not just the weight gain that's the issue, its also their comfort.
let us know how it goes

snowqueen Wed 23-Apr-03 15:23:07

Ther is a very good osteopathic practice in Leamington spa, in Upper Holly Walk. The senior practitioner Jane O Connor is absolutely brilliant and I understand she has done loads with children. Is Leamington any good for you?

Soly Thu 24-Apr-03 09:42:38

I wonder if anyone can recommend a craniosacral therapist in London? I live in East London and have found one in my area but, without a recommendation how do I know that he is good? It might be better to go to one of the schools?

windmill Thu 24-Apr-03 14:10:53

Try to find out if the therapist's qualification is accreditted by any professional organisation. You could try and find a training centre- it shouldn't be difficult in London- and have a student treat you under close supervision of his or her tutor. It will also be cheaper to be treated by a student. However, you will probably want someone with more experince. You can try contacting the Federation of Holistic Therapists ( and search for therapists inyour area. All FHT members are good qualified therapists who are have to adhere to a code of ethics. I can't guarantee they will have one in your area though.

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