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thrombosed external hemorrhoid

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Adason43 Sun 15-Feb-15 01:05:58

Hello I'm 29weeks pregnant tomorrow and I joined mumsnet in need of help, I'm posting in desperation to see if anyone can help me, since Wednesday ive been in absolute agony with a very large purple and extremely painful thrombosed external hemorrhoid, I can't walk unless it's like a baboon, going up and down the stairs is torture and everytime I go to toilet even for a wee I'm just in tears the pain is so severe I compare it to the worst tooth abscess and infection I've ever had and I thought I had a high pain threshold but I'm just at my wits end.

I called the doctors Wednesday (they operate a call system) they prescribed me anasol cream, it did nothing by Thursday afternoon I was crawling the walls I called the doctors again same one answered he gave me ansol suppositories and latchlose I also read online (not knowing at this point it was thrombosed) that I could try gently pushing them back in, which I did and it gave a tiny bit of comfort but they were still protruding and came right back out the next time I went for a wee.

Thursday night I got abit more sleep as it had kept me up the previous 2 nights and Friday morning it felt somewhat less painful sitting on a side and walking to the kitchen etc but by Friday evening I was sobbing the pain had returned twofold and at midnight I just couldn't bare it anymore I called 111 and they said go straight to A&E which I did and unbelievably on a Friday night it was very quiet we were the only ones there! The walk from the car park was agony and sitting in the waiting room was impossible fortunately after 30 mins I was seen by a female doctor she attempted to do a rectum exam but it was too painful so she gave me 2 paracetamol and said she would get a surgeon

When the surgeon came to see me I said "are you going to take them away?" He said if he could he'd be a very rich and popular man sad he examined me and said basically they couldn't operate because I was pregnant and that 2 things can happen naturally; 1 they can sort of strangle themselves and die leaving a skin tab which can be removed after I give birth or secondly they shrink and resend or dissolve on their own, I asked if this would reoccur through my pregnancy and he said possibly :*( he told me by Monday I should be feeling better and gave me some numbing gel (which is useless)

today (Saturday) I have had a hot bath, used regular ice packs, made my own support pack by rolling up 2 sanitary towels (didn't think I would need them for a while!) and putting one front and back of the pile to aleviate the pressure, I've taken regular paracetamol and continued with the suppositories and latchlose - nothing is making a difference and the pain is honestly driving me demented is there anything anyone else can suggest that I take ? Or do? Or use? I feel like getting a knife and lancing it off myself!!! (I won't)

I've had a really rough pregnancy with hypermesis gravidarum for 26 weeks it was just easing (only bad until around 11am now) I've also got gestational diabetes (I'm a big big girl) and pregnancy insomnia and I just wanted to start enjoying my pregnancy so my mental state is also very low at the moment

I do have to say I have a brilliant husband and he's foing everything for me he's brilliant around the house etc

If anyone can offer any advice I would be very grateful

Thank you in advance

AmantesSuntAmentes Sun 15-Feb-15 01:11:44

A Witch Hazel soaked cotton pad (held to the area) was the one single thing which helped me. You have my sympathy, it's so horrifically painful!

AmantesSuntAmentes Sun 15-Feb-15 01:11:44

A Witch Hazel soaked cotton pad (held to the area) was the one single thing which helped me. You have my sympathy, it's so horrifically painful!

Adason43 Sun 15-Feb-15 08:14:31

AmantesSuntAmentes thank you I will try and get some today xxx

DoItTooJulia Sun 15-Feb-15 08:20:32

Oh, that sounds awful.

Could you try a sitz bath? Or soak a sanitary towel with water and freeze it and wear it frozen? A donut cushion?

Tbh I would go back to the gp and explain just how painful it is, they may be able to prescribe something with a local anaesthetic in to relieve the pain. Also ibuprofen might help bring any swelling down.

Take care of you're self: you have had a rough time of it. flowers

Justyouwaitandsee Sun 15-Feb-15 08:41:33

I suffered for years until one amazing doctor finally prescribed Proctosedyl ointment and another type of suppository (which I can check the name of if you need) and this cured the worst piles I had ever had so quickly.

I am also 29wks pregnant and haven't suffered too much, but did have one day where it was too painful to walk/sit down. I googled to see if this treatment was safe in pregnancy. Most people seemed to say it was fine and celebrated it in the same way I do. A small number said their gp had refused to prescribe. I weighed this up, as I have kept some for emergencies and even just a tiny amount eased the pain overnight. Perhaps worth asking for this ointment by name - it probably took 14yrs of suffering before any doctor thought to mention this ointment to me. Not sure how it works on thrombosed piles but could surely help any internal ones which are also causing pain.

Justyouwaitandsee Sun 15-Feb-15 08:54:38

Here is a useful old thread I found while googling Proctosedyl and pregnancy:

Adason43 Sun 15-Feb-15 09:29:27

Thank you ladies I'm waiting for 111 to call me back I've had about 2 hours sleep I'm being sick I'm so tired and still I. So much pain they said go to hospital again but I refused asked for a Dr to call me back I will try and get an alternative prescription :/

Justyouwaitandsee Sun 15-Feb-15 09:43:42

Good luck adason - you definitely need to tell them how it is affecting you. Surely they need to do something.

Here is another thread which suggests Proctosedyl or alternatively Sheriproct can give relief for thrombosed piles:

Adason43 Sun 15-Feb-15 15:34:44

Just back from local minor injuries been given proctosedyl and codeine and extra latchlose an home and back in bed exhausted, hope it works thank you all

Justyouwaitandsee Sun 15-Feb-15 20:50:33

Aww am keeping my fingers crossed for you! How was the person you saw? Did they offer the Proctosedyl or did you have to request it? Were they happy to prescribe?

Adason43 Sun 15-Feb-15 21:44:44

He was Dutch I think, not a great deal of sympathy I was quite teary I had to suggest it to him and he didn't tell me codeine can cause constipation but I knew that and will increase the latchlose and fluids intake (I drink a lot anyway)

Mentally I feel abit stronger tonight I will call my midwife tomorrow tell them what's happening incase they can offer anymore advice

So far no difference it's like constant tooth abscess in my bottom!!! Oh the joys of pregnancy this will most certainly be my first and last!

Adason43 Mon 16-Feb-15 17:39:34

After another sleepless night I called both the doctor and the hospital midwife , I saw the GP this afternoon he was very good but said the best route was via the hospital drs whom I have an appointment with tomorrow thanks to the midwife I simply cannot carry on for 11 weeks like this I'm in constant agony it doesn't ever go off they have to do something and I won't leave until they do !

DoItTooJulia Mon 16-Feb-15 17:42:12

Oh, honey, you really are going through the mill.

Try the frozen sanitary towel and sits baths and anything else you can think of to keep you going until tomorrow.

I hope they do something for you soon.

Adason43 Tue 17-Feb-15 05:00:16

Thank you I didn't think of that I have been using peas I've been awake all night again I'm scared to go to sleep because when I relax I feel like I'm pushing it out and it's excruciating it is makings whole area down there throb in pain on a night

I'm going to try and get some sleep cannot wait to get to the hospital , going to look into private if they won't do anything I cannot bare many more nights like this

Sorry to keep moaning

fhdl34 Tue 17-Feb-15 06:56:31

I have had this twice. The first time the doctor said I could leave it and it would re-absorb or he could cut it out and keep ice packs on it to stop it returning. I let him cut it and it was awful, it came back anyway as I didn't ice so not only did I have to wait for it to go anyway I also had the pain of being cut down there. It took about 3 weeks for me to be able to sit down without wincing, I had to have 2 weeks off work, I asked for another as I worked in an office but Dr basically told me to suck it up (arsehole).
The second time I got one I left it and it took about a week to stop feeling so awful, but that time although painful, was nothing compared to the first time. I'd never let anyone do that again

Adason43 Tue 17-Feb-15 23:10:51

My appointment at 4pm today at the hospital with my dr who referred me to a surgeon

I saw the surgeon who said that although it had multiple clots if we could push it back in it would reduce and hopefully go and for sure the pain would go and I could avoid a very painful surgery so 2 lovely nurses got me gas and air (fabulous stuff) one held my hands the other held me down! The doctor tried to push it back in to say this was the most painful excruciating experience of my life is an understatement I screamed the place down and pleaded with them to stop it was so horrendous 3 times he tried but it wouldn't go all the way back in so they stopped I now have to have 5 baths a day and try to get it back in myself ������

The midwives were so brilliant gentle and kind I was sobbing and sobbing and saying I'm sorry I'm sorry and they were lovely with me , my blood pressure dropped to 80/54 so they kept me alittle while to monitor me and baby for 20 mins I had to press a button when it moved and they checked the heartbeat and all is fine

I am just exhausted I slept 6-9 this morning only because everytime I sleep I wake up in such pain I am scared to go to sleep sad just had a bath now I couldn't get them all the way in either but had a good go will try again tomorrow :/

PowerPants Thu 19-Feb-15 00:38:23

You poor poor love. You have been so brave. I think they should give you better pain relief.....

Adason43 Thu 19-Feb-15 03:12:32

I slept quite well yesterday and the pain seems to have reduced somewhat by it going in alittle bit I thought I would be like drop dead Fred bouncing off the walls after yesterday's ordeal! tonight I did manage to get it all the way back in but it just pops back out I've tried looking for techniques on line but can't really find anything that helps sounds horrendous but I'm going to try putting a tampon in if I can get it all the way tomorrow because the Dr said I only need it to keep in 24-48 hours and it will shrink and stop coming down any other suggestions are welcome - what a topic!!!

Cleanbean Thu 19-Feb-15 03:25:59

Glad it seems to be easing slightly. Have you got suppositories? If you can get it in and then put a suppository in that will help to soothe and shrink it. The thought of you putting a tampon there is making me wince.

Adason43 Thu 19-Feb-15 03:58:29

I know but I don't know what else to do I ran out of suppositoriessad I will call the Dr again I need a tiny bung I won't tell you the stuff I've been looking up on the Internet it's both opened my my eyes and made them water!!!

mathanxiety Thu 19-Feb-15 04:46:48

You are going to have to get it lanced. This isn't as bad as it sounds, despite what your lazy surgeon said. The most painful bit is novocaine to anesthetise the area. You will dance a jig as soon as the doctor is finished with it.

Beg and plead to get it lanced. Witch hazel won't cut it. Don't take no for an answer. Don't listen to your stupid surgeon. Go back and get it done, or go to the A&E and make them do it for you. Mine took 10 to 15 mins max, on a plastic bench in an examining room in a surgeon's office, with exH holding me steady.

(I got it pushing DS into the world. It was agony.)

Adason43 Thu 19-Feb-15 05:27:56

It's funny you say that because my own gp said he wondered why the first a and e surgeon didn't just slice it and because of that he was reluctant to do it for me I will call the hospital again tomorrow and see if this is possible thank you mathaniexty a glimmer of hope to an end to this misery x

Adason43 Wed 25-Feb-15 07:05:02

Just to let you know 3 baths a day seem to have taken away the pain almost completely I'm not on pain killers now just the latchlose although the it's still there and still out sad it's deffo shrunk
Thanks for everyone's support xxx

Adason43 Tue 28-Apr-15 01:50:32

Hello all can you believe it I'm 39+2 and I have a new TEH :*( its not as painful more like a 4-5 (as opposed to 8-9 last time )but just can't believe at the final hurdle there's yet more pain and suffering! Excuse the pun but I'm trying to nip in in the bud early and getting 3 baths a day it's helping

I'm being induced Friday so fingers crossed they will all go away when I have the babysmile

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