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High up back pain.

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marthasmith Sat 14-Feb-15 20:57:22

It's not like the lower back pain I've had before. This is high up localized pain in between the shoulder blades. It doesn't hurt if I keep still, only when I lean forward or stretch. Anyone know what it could be?

KleineDracheKokosnuss Sat 14-Feb-15 21:08:14

Maybe you pulled whatever connects your shoulder blades. Hot water bottle might help?

Otherwise, I get shoulder-blade linked pain often (poor posture) and have to have massages every 2 months to sort it out.

marthasmith Sat 14-Feb-15 21:28:34

I don't remember doing anything though. Im hoping it'll soon.

marthasmith Sat 14-Feb-15 21:31:18

go soon.

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