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gastritis problems

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rachelrawrrr Sat 14-Feb-15 15:22:58

hi all,

does anyone suffer from severe gastritis? it seems I can't go 2 weeks without having a really bad flare up that causes me to be in immense pain and constantly vomit.
I'm already on lansoprazole (not sure the exact spelling...) and I never miss a tablet. ughhh any advice? what else can the doctors do for me? sad

Baddz Sat 14-Feb-15 15:38:04

You need an endoscopy to check for stomach ulcers.

rachelrawrrr Sat 14-Feb-15 15:45:02

I had one a couple of months ago, when I had very mild gastritis

WiIdfire Sat 14-Feb-15 15:51:11

Were you checked for h.pylori during your endoscopy? (It is routinely done at the same time) If not, you need to get checked for that. If the Lansoprazole isn't working, you can try a different PPI or a higher dose - so worth a chat with your GP.

rachelrawrrr Sat 14-Feb-15 16:08:09

I was checked for that too, and I don't have it. ughhh this is dreadful. I was on a different kind up until my endoscopy, then switched to the one I'm on
I know I definitely need to go back, just from what they told me, there's not much they can do.
I've been in hospital about 10 times since last year because of the pain sad

Baddz Sat 14-Feb-15 16:09:51

Have you had a USS to rule out gallstones?

rachelrawrrr Sat 14-Feb-15 16:25:26

I actually haven't... do you think that's worth mentioning?

maggiso Sat 14-Feb-15 16:47:39

I hope you find out how to get well again. Do go on seeing the GP, so they know you are still struggling.
DH has suffered for years from severe indigestion which the GP presumes is gastritis. It recently flared up, stopping him eating. Like you he is on lansoprazole. He is still awaiting endoscopy and other tests, but in the mean time tried everything available over the counter (one at a time grin ) to see what can help. He bought 'silicolgel' from boots which he feels is helpful for him. He certainly seems a lot better. He now only uses it when he is going through a bad patch. It is quite pricey but might be worth trying a small bottle just in case it helps.

rachelrawrrr Sat 14-Feb-15 16:50:46

I've had all the tests so far, all its revealed is that I have gastritis. They've told me to try gaviscon when it flares up, but that makes me throw up really bad.
I flared up last night and I can't eat or drink anything right now sad it's driving me insane! but I shall look in to that you mentioned! Thank you smile

flamingtoaster Sat 14-Feb-15 18:13:09

I have the antibiotic resistant form of Hy.Pyl. which from time to time used to give me really bad gastritis unless I do several things which I have worked out over time. Try the following:

German remedy - roll chamomile tea - i.e. make some strong chamomile tea, drink it (not too hot or it will irritate the stomach), then lie on your right side for at least five minutes, left side for five minutes, back for a five minutes and then your front for five to ensure all areas of the stomach are bathed. This is very soothing but you need to do it on an empty stomach, several times a day.

Manuka honey is also very healing on the stomach - but you must take it slowly off the spoon as any heat kills the antibacterial/antiviral element. (As well as healing it also kills H.Pyl if that is part of the problem).

Mastic gum (can be obtained in capsules) is a centuries old remedy for stomach problems. It does, however, also kill candida so if you have that you can experience unpleasant "die off" symptoms. If you try Mastic Gum drink plenty of water through the day so help avoid any problems.

If you can bear to drink it cabbage juice has been shown in research to help - I've never tried it though.

Hope you can find something which helps you - I know how unpleasant it can be.

rachelrawrrr Sat 14-Feb-15 21:17:25

I'll have a look at those, thanks smile

are there any foods okay to eat during a flare up? I've not eaten all day and I'm starving sad

rachelrawrrr Sun 15-Feb-15 07:02:09

day 3 and still in quite a bit of pain sad jesus. I feel like this is gonna kill me

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