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Anyone else have flu even though they had the jab - if so, how long does it last?

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bananaskin123 Sat 14-Feb-15 12:43:07

Have been feeling really fluey since last Sunday - usual symptoms of hot/cold/achy/headache. No appetite. I'm definitely slightly better but just wondered how long I have to wait to feel "normal".

tribpot Sat 14-Feb-15 12:44:14

My MIL did - and like you, it seemed quite a long time coming on, then took about three or four days to clear up after that - so all told about 10 or 12 days I think. Hope you feel better soon.

gatewalker Sat 14-Feb-15 12:50:43

If it's flu -- and so many people mistake a really nasty cold virus with flu (which knocks people utterly out of commission for weeks and kills many others) -- then it can take weeks to a couple of months to recover.

If it's this very bad cold that's going round, I'd say about two weeks, with a cough lasting perhaps a few more weeks after that.

The flu jab is only about 2% effective against the major strains this year due to a miscalculation, btw.

Feel better soon! flowers

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