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Thyroid and adrenal issues

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MoreSnowPlease Fri 13-Feb-15 18:59:00

I will try to keep this short. I am looking for advice on what to ask for my endocrinologist to do to help me. I don't seem to get anything done by just giving symptoms to docs but making suggestions usually helps.

I was diagnosed with over active thyroid at 4 months post partum with ds2. Then I have been retreated recently and told I'm now significantly under active and need to stop taking carbimazole.

I also had a simple blood test for cortisol as I read adrenals connected closely to thyroid and can be out of whack also. I suspected I had high cortisol. It has come back as low cortisol and actually the symptoms for that fit. However, I thought you needed a special controlled test for cortisol not a simple blood test and now they have just said to do another blood test.

I'm really suffering with all the symptoms of low cortisol and would like something done not just a wait and test again approach....

TheSpottedZebra Fri 13-Feb-15 23:13:37

Sorry to hear that youve not been feeling well. Are you being seen by an endocrinologist already? Really To be honest, they will know a lot more than internet strangers. Is there any reason to think that they might not be up to speed with their learnings, or that they are not the right dr for you?

You can absolutely test cortisol level with a blood test. With regards to cortisol related symptoms, apart from a couple, they are really really generic and could be caused by many things. Why did you suspect cortisol issues in the first place, had you cause yo worry about your health, have you felt that way since before your ds was born?

MoreSnowPlease Sat 14-Feb-15 21:39:19

Thanks for the reply zebra I don't have any problems with the endocrinologist apart from that he was reluctant to test cortisol levels thinking I was just a case of post partum thyroiditis.

All my symptoms are ongoing but I never seemed help until my second ds was born because I developed severe anxiety which I didn't know how to handle and all symptoms were getting a lot worse very quickly.

I can literally feel what I thought was adrenaline being released frequently, when I hear noises or just some small thing sets me of in the fight or flight phase. I'm on edge all the time. I've been told by a counselor that my stressful childhood could have caused issues with being in a constant state of 'fight or flight' and from what I've read this relates to cortisol levels?

Obviously endocrinologist will know most but salt my experience with docs is that if you don't do a bit of research and have suggestions based on how you feel then you get fobbed off with 'probably a virus/stress/depression' that's literally all I get at the gp. I understand they are very busy, but I don't like feeling like crap so would like to understand more myself and help myself more.

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