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Any eye doctors on here? Would really appreciate some advice on keratisis...

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JudyBlumeRocks Fri 13-Feb-15 15:06:17

Would really appreciate some advice if anyone can help - google's not helping!

Sent to eye a&e by GP on Monday with photophobia, pain and blurred vision (after a week of flu and nasty conjunctivitis from DD). Diagnosed viral and bacterial conjunctivitis spread to the cornea (viral keratisis?). Was prescribed steroid drops and artificial tears - pain has finally gone, but vision is really really bad. Can't see to do normal tasks. I wasn't given any idea how long this would take to get better, so not sure how much longer I should tell work I'll be off for? And I'm going absolutely mad with boredom - can't read, really struggling to see screen to write this, can't see telly, can't drive etc etc.

Any ideas? Please?!

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