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Lalalalasee Wed 11-Feb-15 21:17:56

Has anyone else been diagnosed with a rectocele suffered from anal fissures as a result of this? I think I have just discovered what the 'lump' is that I keep telling the docs about but that keeps getting ignored. I had an horrendous high forceps birth 4 years ago. I am supposed to have a fissurectomy but I really want to get to the bottom (no pun intended) of why the fissures keep reoccurring as they do heal but split again easily. Most recent doc mentioned I might have an enterocele which is why I have researched and discovered rectoceles exist (pic on web md looks exactly as I feel). Just wondering if anyone may know anything more. Cheers!

Lalalalasee Sun 15-Feb-15 21:37:26

Anyone? Just wondering if rectocele (basically prolapsed large intestine) could be causing anal fissures. Been suffering from them nearly 5 years and they'd heal but reoccur. I also kept noticing a lump in the perineal area. Having discovered rectoceles exist I am convinced this is my problem so just wonder if anyone diagnosed with a rectocele has been told it is causing any fissures. I do not want to have surgical treatment for fissures if it is not actually treating the cause of them.

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