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How long after having a c-section should you wait before trying to conceive again??

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womba1 Thu 22-Apr-04 23:00:24

Hi Mumsnetters,

Could anyone who's had an emergency c-section, please let me know how long you were advised to wait before trying to conceive again?

My ds has just turned 1 and my dh and I are generally discussing sprog number 2!

While in hospital after having my midwife said you should wait at least 18 months before trying again...another said about a hv said whenever you feel ready!

Just curious as to what other Mums have been told?

Thanks x

GreySquirrel Thu 22-Apr-04 23:08:30

i don't remember being told anything - i would guess when you feel ready is best, when you feel back to normal i suppose, which for me wasn't until about a year, but didn't have another for a while, there are 2 and a half years between my two (both emergency c-sections)

LadyMuck Thu 22-Apr-04 23:10:56

We went back to the hospital when ds1 was 10 months old (IVF baby born by emergency section), and were given fertility treatment, so presume they weren't worried about me becoming pregnant at that point (same consultant for IVF and Ob/gyn)

morocco Thu 22-Apr-04 23:10:59

noone said anything at all to me about it so I went right ahead and got pregnant again after about 8 months, it all went fine but my obs was unhappy about me trying for vbac because there was only 17 months between the two births - she said 2 years between births was better for the scar, I managed it no probs though (healthwise I mean)
I've heard lots of different timescales too

womba1 Thu 22-Apr-04 23:13:46

Thanks Greysquirrel,

I feel really great but my Dh is getting concerned about the pressure on my scar etc etc...

He's convinced himslf that I'll split open if I fall pregnant to soon...bless him!

womba1 Thu 22-Apr-04 23:16:12

Thanks all,

it's reassuring to just hear other experiences x

GreySquirrel Thu 22-Apr-04 23:25:05

Basically i would go with your own gut feeling about things, sounds like you have already left about the right gap (if there is such a thing)

I was really scared second time round that labour would go badly, everyone told me it was a one off, nothing physically wrong, just the position she got in etc (spine to spine or whatever the wrong one is!), but it did happen again despite trying all the weird positions and excersises in late pregnancy to get her to turn and encourage her to be in the right position.. i kind of wish i hadn't bothered trying for a vbac but i am sure i am in minority as have heard plenty of people with no problems too..

GreySquirrel Thu 22-Apr-04 23:35:34

should also say they keep a close eye on your progress with a vbac "trial of labour" and so either way i think you are pretty safe these days..

womba1 Thu 22-Apr-04 23:38:09

Thanks Grey,

i don't know how i feel about trying for a vbac.. will wait and see i think.

Mind you, i need to be pregnant first....

fairyfly Thu 22-Apr-04 23:40:40

I had an emergency c section was told three months would be fine, who knows to be honest

scubamum2b Mon 26-Apr-04 17:23:14

My sister has had 3 children and 3 c-secs, the first one being an emergency the other 2 planned c-secs.

There were numerous years between #1 & #2 (for various reasons) but only 17 mths between the birth of #2 & #3.

Her only advice to me is if I have to have one, is to be awake for it.

best of luck and have fun ttc

twiglett Mon 26-Apr-04 17:27:06

message withdrawn

charlieplus3 Mon 26-Apr-04 17:43:58

I was also told 3 months would be fine, but waited 6. Have now been told at least a year if at all as next will be 4th and they dont like doing 4.

gloworm Wed 28-Apr-04 18:23:31

i concieved 10 months after section. was then told by GP should have waited 2 years. since then I have also been told 2 years by midwife, public health nurse and the doctor who carried out my section. It takes the body 2 years to full recover from operation.

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