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Ow my foot..

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Echocave Sun 08-Feb-15 13:14:25

Any podiatrists or drs about? I think I've broken my foot and am not sure what to do.
I've got rather a heavy tread and a puffy foot (oedema) and a couple of weeks ago I walked for ages.
After which, my foot has been really painful, on top if I wear eg trainers and it hurts to walk on tiptoe. It's not agony. I'm wondering if it's a stress fracture but is there anything to be done? I keep reading that there's nothing you can do except rest it and that the fractures don't show up on X-Rays.
Does anyone have any advice? X

QueenOfCats Mon 09-Feb-15 05:04:14

Hi Echo,

Stress fractures develop over time. If you had a stress fracture there would be some calcification around the fracture by now, which would show up on an X-ray.

If you've had the symptoms for a while and it is a stress fracture, it's constantly weakening - all you need to do is trip on the injured foot and the bone could break completely.

My advice would be go to the Gp, request an X-ray form. If X-ray is clear but symptoms still persist you can have a little dye injected into your arm and a scan of the foot, which will show up any tiny cracks or fractures in the bone.

I would play it safe with this and definitely see the Gp at least.

Good luck

Echocave Mon 09-Feb-15 16:52:05

Thank you very much for this. After a weekend of being careful there was a lot less pain. I went to the GP this morning but he seemed to think an x-Ray would be unlikely to show anything. He did however say that I should stay off it. That's easier said than done as I commute into London 4 days a week....

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