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what to do????!!! new glasses...

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bluebell345 Sat 07-Feb-15 19:06:19

I got new glasses from an optician.
I am short sighted and for years I've always used under prescription lenses for to be able to see near as well while wearing glasses. my prescription is not very high. I only take them out when reading.
on recent eye test there was slight change in a good way on one eye but my actual glasses were still ok.
the optician suggested I must get the exact prescription, I'd never done that before so I listened to him and got the exact prescription.
but they are not comfortable. his explanation was I would be able to see far very well.
in my daily life I don't always look far away, I don't drive, its like I'm busy in a room all day. so in that aspect I was happy with my glasses.
with the new ones there is a certain distance like 1.5mtrs that I cant see properly, with or without glasses.
with old ones I don't have this problem.
btw I have 2 glasses, one of them is this new one and the other one I haven't changed still with old prescription.
I dread to go back to him as I felt he was nice while taking the order but cold while I was picking them.
what do I do?
I would really appreciate you advices, thank you in advance. flowers

MatildaTheCat Sat 07-Feb-15 19:47:58

You go back and calmly state your concerns and ask for them to be altered until they are comfortable and do the job.

Take someone with you if you are nervous?

gobbin Sun 08-Feb-15 09:21:56

Yes take them back as they are not fit for purpose.
Are they varifocal? It can take a couple of weeks to get used to these if you've never had them before (you need to move your head towards what you're looking at rather than your eyes).

bluebell345 Sun 08-Feb-15 09:38:42

thank you very much for your advices MatildaTheCat and gobbin, I really appreciate that. flowers
they are not varifocal gobbin.
I really dread going there, I feel really down about it.
these kinds of situations really wear me off.

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