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wtf is wrong with my gag reflex, and other TMI stories

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HeyheyheyGoodbye Fri 06-Feb-15 15:42:25

So through November/December/January I had that awful coughing chest infection horror bug that was going around. It got a hold of me; I was laid flat for a few weeks, had two lots of antibiotics and eventually some steroids to clear the cough and infection. I feel fine in myself now.

However, it seems to have left me with two really unpleasant souvenirs. The first is that I keep gagging. I can eat and drink fine but it happens when I sing to myself when I'm in the house (a bummer; I love to sing!), when I'm talking a lot (super annoying as I need to talk all day long in my classes), when I'm cleaning my teeth (sometimes to the point of vomiting) and when I clean the litter tray which I know sounds silly but it did NOT use to; it feels like it's the bending down that's doing it, not the smell iyswim?

I feel like my throat has just forgotten how to be normal after months of hacking and spitting. Has anyone else experienced this?

The other problem is my pelvic floor blush Sometimes now when I cough or sneeze I feel I'm going to pee myself! Could this be down to all the violent coughng? I don't have kids and have always done kegel exercises so my pelvic floor should be strong. If I keep doing them will it tone back up?

Thanks for reading smile Any advice appreciated.

Kittykat7 Sat 07-Feb-15 13:39:18

I would see your Dr to be checked out. Not sure if hernia could be the cause of your symptoms. Physio can help with pelvic floor muscles.

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