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Norovirus won't go away

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PooersMummy Thu 05-Feb-15 08:22:01

Hi, this is my first post so I hope it works!
My two month old has had norovirus for 4 weeks... My husband and I got it 5 days after her and ostensibly were ill for a day. Sick once each, diarrhoea that day and then my husband recovered. I felt nauseous and built up my food intake from v bland things over a week. 6 days later I had two episodes of diarrhoea and the nausea increased. Again built up to eating a bit more but every time I did me and the baby were ill (me feeling sick baby having worse diarrhoea). I am breastfeeding, though not sure how as I am eating so little. Fortunately I put on lots of weight when pregnant!
The baby is putting on weight and is hydrated but I am sick of feeling sick. I've never heard of it going on this long. What are we doing wrong? Are we being reinfected? We saw the GP for our 6 week check at 7 weeks and we were both ok that day. She is due to be immunized next week at 9 weeks old but I'm worried she'll be too ill. Can't find info on how long it lives on surfaces. Have bleached bathrooms and changing mat (anti bac it usually) and antibaced light switches, door handles etc. Was washing at 60 for the baby with laundry cleanser but going to increase to 90 as I think it isn't killed at 60? But what about a woolen jumper that the baby was sick on? How often should I change muslins used by my dribbly baby? I'm currently changing once or twice a day. Hands are cracked from washing. I change my hand towel at least once a day.
Please help with practical recommendations or stories of hope!! I just can't see the end of this!!

PooersMummy Thu 05-Feb-15 08:24:32

Oh other info - I had an emergency c section and my recovery was quite slow so wasn't in the best health when it struck. I also came down with a cold sore a couple of days later.

Mumtotherescueagain Thu 05-Feb-15 08:25:56

This isn't norovirus. Not sure what you mean by two month old having diarrhoea. A baby that age naturally has loose and frequent stools. Your nausea is not noro.
Noro is acute and dramatic. You don't feel sick, you are sick continuously for a few hours.

Umm this may be a bit of a shock for you but there's no chance you're pregnant again is there?

PooersMummy Thu 05-Feb-15 08:26:51

Any hygienic nappy changing tips also appreciated - I'm using copious amounts of kitchen roll on the changing mat but am terrified her wriggling legs will kick the poo on her bottom. We don't have a bath so v difficult to wash her on running water - would be a shower...

PooersMummy Thu 05-Feb-15 08:28:21

Thanks for your reply. We've sent off a stool sample and had norovirus confirmed by the hospital. The baby's poo is green smelly water.
I couldn't be pregnant unless it was immaculate conception grin

PooersMummy Thu 05-Feb-15 08:36:26

The baby has also had green mucus poo with flecks of blood. I've had bits of blood in my poo too though not diarrhoea. I've had a vaginal swab to check for infection as I did have a bit of retained product at the start of this episode. I've also had a urine test as I had kidney pain at the start (was poss dehydration).
What I mean is, I don't think there is anything else - just the Noro though I don't seem to have a great immune response at the moment.

PooersMummy Thu 05-Feb-15 10:05:13

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Any glimmers of hope?

Superworm Thu 05-Feb-15 11:02:56

Sorry you're going through this. DShad the NV at 8 weeks old and it was stressful.

Firstly how long ago was the stool results given? Norovirus is a short illness that should clear on it's own.

Secondly, antibacterial wipes and sprays won't kill spores as it's viral so you need to use a bleach solution.

The Norovirus can live on surfaces for up to two weeks. I would change muslins at every vomit/splash and clean toys regularly if use them at all. Same for bottles/dummies.

Hand washing is the only effective way off ridding the hands of the spores. Wash thoroughly like this [[] and drying is just as important as washing. I'd use kitchen roll to dry them, save contaminating towels. Get everyone that enters your home to hand wash.

Hot wash everything at 60+

Infants can have diarrhoea for up to two weeks after the virus as it disrupts their intestines and can interfere with the enzyme production, especially lactase but breast milk will be the absolute best thing to repopulate their bowels and settle things down.

PooersMummy Thu 05-Feb-15 11:12:09

Thank you superworm. It is stressful isn't it? The stool result came back yesterday - I took it from her nappy a week ago. It does seem that we must be reinfected. Sadly it's not possible to bleach the whole house... The baby dribbles constantly... Will try upping the muslin changeover. Whoever said you can never have too many muslins was right! So hard having so much washing as she had reflux so I have to hold her upright after each feed - feels like I never put her down!

PooersMummy Thu 05-Feb-15 11:32:22

Two weeks is a horrifically long lifespan! Evil virus!

Superworm Thu 05-Feb-15 11:33:48

I really do feel for you, especially as you've all been ill too. We can easy go through 10-20 muslins a day when it's been at it's worse. DS has a immune deficiency so he gets lots of tummy bugs which stay around for ages. Always stresses me out.

I'm also a nurse and have worked through many, many NV outbreaks on the wards - it's grim - hand washing is key. I've only caught it twice, once through moping up huge amounts of vomit, second time I stupidly ate peanuts from a shared bowl in a ward meeting. Not caught it at home yet but DH does all the time.

Just do what you can, it's hard work cleaning and washing. Bleach the loo each time if you can. Flash bleach spray is your friend smile It will pass in a week or so.

PooersMummy Thu 05-Feb-15 14:16:00

Thank you will stock up on flash bleach spray! I think we must have had some contamination from the baby at the start and now we're paying the price.
I've been told today that the virus can live on surfaces for 3 weeks...and if any sick gets on carpets don't Hoover for three weeks as it will aerosolise the viral spores.
You must have to be super careful all the time with your little boy. Let's hope the winter bugs finish soon for everyone!

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