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What the hell is happenning to my face? (again) Any suggestions?

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LlamaLove Wed 04-Feb-15 10:45:43

About a month ago I developed a foul taste in my mouth for a few days days.
I assumed I had inhaled too much cleaning product (despite having all doors and windows open) as I was deep cleaning over a few days. However, I laid off the product and cleaning after day 2 but the taste remained. On day 3 the taste was over powering and I kept drinking water and cleaning my teeth. That night after showering I noticed I had 2 bright red round circlualr patches on each cheek. It was almost comical (think Aunt sally). By bed time the area beneath the red patches was slightly raised - a bit like hives.

I awoke Day 4 with my face very swollen. My left side much worse. I took anti histamine and tried to ignore. The foul taste had gone. The swelling got worse over 24 hours on my left ide and subsided on the other. Day 5 was a Sunday and we were moving house on the Monday so I kind of ignored and took another anti histamine.

Whilst like this I felt very slightly off. A bit peculiar, slightly disorientated/light headed and occassionally a bit shakey.

I awoke day 6 and the swelling was subsiding but arranged an appointment anyway (due to moving house and not having a DR for a while once moved). GP said allergic reaction to something - and prescribed different anithistamines.

The swelling very slowly subsided over the following week. This makes me wonder if it was a stubborn allergy slow to react to antihistamines or some kind of infection

3 and half weeks later - Have had a few bouts of foul taste in my mouth the past couple of days (and have done no housework slattern ). Last night after my shower I noticed a tiny bright red raised circle on my left cheek (the worse side last time) and this morning I have woken up swollen on that side. Not as bad (yet?). I also feel a little peculiar and odd again - although perfectly able to carry on as normal.

Any ideas what this is? Allergic reaction? A sinus infection?? I am (like last time) 3/4 days pre menstrual although I suspect this is just a coincidence as I cannot imagine how this would be related.

I am 99% sure it cannot be teeth related as I have zero tooth pain and did have my mouth checked when I had the foul taste last time (as I had 2 dental appointments the same week). Dentist and hygienist checked for abcesses and other problems and fond nothing.

Am just about to go and register with my new Dr today but taking anti histamines for 24/48 hours before seeing anyone (unless I swell up horrendously) to see if they work?

MatildaTheCat Wed 04-Feb-15 11:41:10

Could it be a salivary gland infection? Just the foul taste thing.. Are your glands up? Temperature?

LlamaLove Wed 04-Feb-15 12:16:30

Thank you for the suggestion. I don't think I have a temperature but that said this morning I was changing the bedding and making up beds and felt really sweaty and shakey. I don't normally break a sweat just making up a couple of beds.

No glands up.

I may mention this though if I end up having to see a Dr.

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