pulsatile tinnitus + positive stories please

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barbapapa Fri 20-Oct-06 20:21:35


Have had tinnitus in both ears of the ringing /hissing variety since childhood - I have got used to it, suffered several bad infections in my middle ear as a child.

Recently I have developed a pulsing noise in my left ear that isn't going away and seems worse when I yawn [mystified emoticon]. This came on after a bad chest infection and am also very anxious at the moment.

Have googled my symptoms (I know , I know) and came up with several unpleasant explanations including aneurysms ! Anyone have any less frightening ideas what this could be ? Am off to check with GP on Monday but can't stop worrying. Thought it might be linked to blood pressure(again, google) and have been obsessively checking this every few hours (had to read my own bp whilst pregnant as have white coat hypertension)- and every time I do it comes up as moderately high and after redoing it it comes down to normal 110/72 so I think I am ok.

Am so anxious - anyone got any positive stories of the non life threatening variety please?

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liquidclocks Fri 20-Oct-06 20:25:56

Hi - definitely go to your GP as obviously I can't medically advise BUT I've had tinnitus like the sort you describe since my mid-teens. I've had the odd few days where I've had 'pulsating' going on - generally when I've been tired/rundown or particularly anxious/stressed.

Hope it goes away but in the meantime try (harder done than said I know) not to let it get to you and do lots of nice distracting things over the weekend to see you through until Monday.

leoghostlygaela Fri 20-Oct-06 20:33:19

I had the same thing for a while, the doctor couldn't find anything wrong with my ears or hearing and said that for some reason a blood vessel was pulsing too close to my ear drum and I could hear it. He said it could have been caused by body changes during pregnancy (more blood flowing so increase in blood vessels) or because of carrying around and increasingly heavy baby. he prescribed a low dose of parecetamol which i lost so never took, I stopped carrying ds around so much and it has disappeared. Sounds as if it could be due to your high bp.

barbapapa Fri 20-Oct-06 20:38:40

thanks you two - not sure that it is my bp though as it isn't high at 110/72 (the first reading I got was 130/82 so only moderately over normal?)
Will try and relax about this and not think about aneurysms etc.....

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barbapapa Fri 20-Oct-06 22:32:21

Anyone else?

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2ndtime Sat 21-Oct-06 08:54:04

I have had the pulsing sound before. I could hear the blood whooshing through my ear. I ignored it and it went away after a few weeks.

barbapapa Sat 21-Oct-06 20:00:08

Thank you for the reassuring stories am tryin to chill out about this till Monday.....

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Mehripoop Wed 21-Oct-20 14:12:07

@barbapapa I know this thread is ancient but did it ever go away??

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