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Anyone had a (suspected) bladder prolapse? Am nervous about examination.

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Pengting Tue 03-Feb-15 15:29:39

I finally went to my GP about my leaking (multiple large babies tears and stitches) and she has booked me in for an examination to check for prolapses and such.

I think i may have one as (sorry if TMI) the entrance to the vagina is not just a gap there's large lumps at the opening that sort of closes the entrance.

Anyway, I'm just very nervous all round, at the examination (I'm very self conscious about my body, and my vulva) and the whole process afterwards if I am told I have a prolapse.

I'm just sick of the leaking, loss of sensation during sex and my self consciousness during sex about looking and feeling wrong for both myself and my husband.

Just looking for others experiences and reassurance really, thank you.

pinkfrocks Tue 03-Feb-15 16:23:26

They will be very kind to you- and if they aren't ask to see someone who is! I'm not sure I understand about the examination- is your own GP doing this and if so why didn't she at the time or Are you seeing a consultant gynae and do you know who- you can ask around, other mums etc in your area to see who they recommend and you can ask your GP for a referral to one of your choice.

Normally you will lie on your side and they will take a look and may ask you to push down a little ( like giving birth) to see what moves and by how much.

Don't worry- they have seen it all before and it's their job.

Pengting Tue 03-Feb-15 16:27:25

No it is the GP. I told her at the end of an appointment regarding my anxiety, so i assume she wanted to make a new appointment (she booked a double) so I wasn't rushed into it.

She said if she does find anything she will then refer me to the gynae.

pinkfrocks Tue 03-Feb-15 16:41:35

No one enjoys having their bits looked at but honestly, once 3 seconds have passed you will be fine. Remember that to a dr it's another part of your body- like you ear, or toe, or whatever- it's not sexual to them.

imjustahead Tue 03-Feb-15 16:47:50

can i just say that even if she says oh all normal, that if you don't feel happy to ask to see a specialist.
normal can vary, and it's your vulva.

pinkfrocks Tue 03-Feb-15 16:50:14

Agreed- many years ago now but I had 3 people look at mine before the 3rd agreed there was an issue.

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