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Dentists - brush before or after breakfast??

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Thesnowmansnose Tue 03-Feb-15 15:07:03

So, based on various threads here, I've told the family that brushing BEFORE breakfast is the Right Thing To Do, and we're all trying to change our ways and brush when we get up.

But I went to the dentist yesterday, and he said NO - nonsense. Brush afterwards, and it doesn't matter how soon after food you brush, the sooner the better.

Any definitive answer?

BreeVDKamp Tue 03-Feb-15 17:43:47

Bump! I'd like to know too, before breakfast doesn't make sense to me - you haven't eaten anything since you last brushed!?

Kittymautz Tue 03-Feb-15 17:49:14

Surely it must make sense to brush after breakfast, otherwise you'll have food on/between your teeth all day?

Mrsmorton Tue 03-Feb-15 19:14:09

Before, there was a huge thread on this recently altho it may have been in chat. Have you googled it?

Mrsmorton Tue 03-Feb-15 19:15:15

There is lots of info on google explaining the science, thats what I mean. I sounded abrupt, sorry.

42IsTheAnswer Wed 04-Feb-15 15:45:12

Such a good question. The science says that teeth must be brushed twice a day: last thing in the evening and on one more occasion during the day. The best time in my view is brushing after breakfast. However, be aware that brushing should be postponed for half an hour after acidic foods such as citrus fruits or juice. This is because the tooth structure softened by the acids gets brushed away, a cause of tooth brush abrasion.

Thesnowmansnose Fri 06-Feb-15 20:54:14

Slow to come back to this - sorry!

Dentist, who I have now decided I think so poorly of I will not return, said AFTER breakfast is best, and that sooner is better than later (ie none of this half hour wait stuff).

My googling, and my memory of a previous thread (which I'll now look up) suggests that he's wrong - but if there are any dentists here who can give a view either way it'd be really helpful!

purplefeathers Sat 07-Feb-15 18:01:12

I asked my dentist this very question when we went recently and she said to brush before. And not to rinse afterwards.

fairgame Sat 07-Feb-15 18:12:08

I never knew that it mattered as long as it was done twice a day. Every day is a school day on Mumsnet!
I've always done mine after because cereal gets stuck in my teeth (muesli) but i'll try to do it before instead.

TheAwfulDaughter Sat 07-Feb-15 18:15:59

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

lecherslady Sat 07-Feb-15 18:20:48

A lecturer in dentistry I Once knew said before. It's backed up by this:

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