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Aspartame Poisoning

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Guitarman Fri 20-Oct-06 10:10:26

Hello all you Ladies,

I've been actively campaigning against the use of this chemical in the food chain for over ten years. Most of you will know how nasty it is, some of you will think it is "the only thing I can have because I'm on a diet".

I urge everyone to avod it at all costs! It is linked with Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cysts, Brain Tumours, Behaviourtal Problems, Birth Defects, Asthma, Eczema, Depression and a whole host of other problems. The list is supplied by the manufacturer not me!

I recently reminded my local MP about an 'Early Day Motion', he has now put his name to it. Please have a read of it. and also please take a look at Dr. Janet Hulls web site \link {\} and read how she saved herself from having a Hysterectomy by stopping drinking Diet Croak.

Aspartame (E951) is the ONLY food additive with a health warning.

Furball Fri 20-Oct-06 10:33:05

Alot of us here are well aware of this nasty little chemical.

My gripes are - why is it in so many foods especially squash and also companies seem to love to advertise 'sugar free' so most people reach for that thinking it must be healthy. It's even in our childrens medicines FGS!

It needs to be looked into why it seems to have got out of hand and whys it so hard trying to find something with sugar in at least we know whats what with sugar.

ghosty Fri 20-Oct-06 10:35:50

A very good cause guitarman. In a coffee shop today DS was playing with the sachets of sugar and sweeteners ... He said, "Sugar is bad for you isn't it?" I said, "Yes, but that (held up the sweetener) is even worse for you"

I have a very very scary article entitled, "Aspartame, the Silent Killer" ...

GeorginaA Fri 20-Oct-06 10:39:36

I'm asthmatic, and I've had several occasions where aspartame has triggered an attack. The "no added sugar" thing in a lot of kids food and drink makes me really really cross, actually.

LadyTophamHatt Fri 20-Oct-06 10:41:38

I've said that to Ds1 and 2 lots of times Ghosty.

Dh thinks I'm mad but I always look for it in the stuff we eat and drink.

Piffle Fri 20-Oct-06 10:42:07

I also think aspartame is EVIL
I avoid it at all costs, it really pisses me off that it's in medicines and toothpaste.
I hate all artificial sweeteners with a passion, whats worng with sugar FFS, use it wisely and brush your kids teeth. Easy.

LadyTophamHatt Fri 20-Oct-06 10:42:46

I'm going to make sure Dh reads this thread actually.....

katyjo Fri 20-Oct-06 10:43:54

I have always found it gave me headaches, but it is so hard to find squash without artificial sweetners! Even some non-diet drinks contain it (schwepps lemonade) I drink rose's lime cordial,ocean spray juice, ribena and water of course.
Good luck with the campaigning Guitarman!

ghosty Fri 20-Oct-06 10:48:39

I agree Piffle ... I am the same with butter vs margarine ...
I don't use much butter but I would rather use that than margarine (which is, in fact, PLASTIC).

Sugar or Sweetener or Nothing? Nothing, then sugar, NEVER sweetener.
Butter or Margarine or Nothing? Nothing, then butter, NEVER margarine ...

Piffle Fri 20-Oct-06 10:52:30

same I HATE margarine I'd rather have no spread and give up bread than eat marg.
It's the kiwi in us

Piffle Fri 20-Oct-06 10:56:08

katyjo, get Rocks organic squash tastes of fruit, lasts for ages, only squash worth it IMO
Or robinson/supermarket own brand high juice (do check your brand) is normally 50% fruit with sugar and water.

fondant4000 Fri 20-Oct-06 11:08:15

The struggle I've had to get Calpol with sugar in it! And sprite was the ONLY non-diet lemonade I cd find that didn't have sweeteners (for me).

The odd thing is most other parents don't seem to know why dd is allowed butter, chocolate, juices, lollipops and sugar, but NOT allowed margarine, squashes, and sugar-free lollipops (and I can't be bothered to explain, nor why she only has plain or salted crisps which are checked for MSG).

I know most of them wd think I'm a bit weird....

Guitarman Fri 20-Oct-06 11:27:28

Thanks for the support and the welcomeness!

I'm glad I'm preaching to the converted. Please feel free to tell everyone you know and you could also try a letter to your MP.

Georgina, an Asthma suffering friend of mine drinks Aoe Vera Gel (has done for about a year now) and his 'blowometer' is now over 500. First time EVER he's had that in 45 years. He very rarely uses his inhaler either except when my dog says hello to him. It also cleared up his Psoriosis.

BloodyTenaLady Fri 20-Oct-06 11:33:37

I am pretty ok with food and mainly cook all fresh and organic. I do find it a problem looking for juice for ds5. I try the water only thing but he is partially accepting but fancies a change from time to time. Any suggestions of a good healthy juice (without bits and chemicals)?

ps. Was told that Ribena is really bad for onset of cancer etc. Didnt get full facts but do avoid it like the plague.

MrsBeDreadingTrickOrTreat Fri 20-Oct-06 11:35:20

had realised that any sweetners are bad, but thought the health warning re aspartame was a warning for sufferers of phenylketonery (sp?) because it's even worse for them?

Hadn't know about the link with depression! I'm addicted to diet coke, could that have made my depression worse one ponders. For my kids I try and by 'natural' but it's all so much more expensive

Piffle Fri 20-Oct-06 11:36:56

coke it also as evil in any form
I am only really strict on some things
processed meat

MrsBeDreadingTrickOrTreat Fri 20-Oct-06 11:38:19

youch I've got 3 out of 4... what exactly stipulates processed meat? And where does spreadable butter rate?

Piffle Fri 20-Oct-06 11:40:02

spreadable butter is ok so long as the oil used is non hydrogenated - anchor and lurpak are fine.
Processed meat, reformed - most pre prepared hams not off the bone, freezer nuggets that sort of thing

2Babies0Bumps Fri 20-Oct-06 11:40:41

dh is diabetic
i drank diet coke all thru both pregs.

MrsBeDreadingTrickOrTreat Fri 20-Oct-06 11:41:24

phew at least anchor is ok

processed meats... guilty...argh

tubismybub Fri 20-Oct-06 12:32:46

Could someone possibley tell more about what's wrong with margarine? I had no idea it was that bad?

MrsBeDreadingTrickOrTreat Fri 20-Oct-06 12:33:50

I think it's transfats or was it hydrogenated fats?

katyjo Fri 20-Oct-06 12:41:35

Thanks piffle will try that!
I know what you mean fondant, the hv looked at mean strangly when I told her I was going to get calpol WITH sugar as I would rather ds had a bit of natural sugar than sweeteners, it isn't like he has the stuff everyday! I think they learn to recite SF calpol, everytime he had injections, hv used to remind me to make sure I had SF capol on hand, I just smile and nod ....SUGAR, SUGAR, and more SUGAR!!!! What a bad mummy I am!!!

QueenQuootieSpookypieBee Fri 20-Oct-06 12:42:51

depression???? I suffer on and off with depression... and always go for "healthy" sugar free alternatives.... Wish I could sue their asses!

GeorginaA Fri 20-Oct-06 13:20:16

The really annoying thing about sugar-free calpol is that sugar is a natural painkiller - so it'd probably be more effective WITH the sugar as well.

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