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over 40 and want to be healthy for the next 40!

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tumtum123 Sat 31-Jan-15 21:19:53

Yep am on the other side of 40. Have had relatively good health so far even though my eating habits are not great.
I want to make changes such as cutting back on sugar etc to ensure I have the best chance of good health. Am starting to feel the 'twinges' of aches and pains
Any of you out there over 40/50/60 or more who have good health keeping ideas? Would love to hear them.
Especially, how did/do you maintain a strong back, energy levels etc
Really want to be independent and in good health as much as i can control
Thank you!

holeinmyheart Sun 01-Feb-15 10:29:17

I think sleeping is important. Get a good nights sleep. Try not to watch TV or listen to anything violent before bedtime and make sure you go before 12. Exercise as much as you can. Try Pilates for a bad back, or Aqua Aerobics and walking outside, ( get boots that support your instep) because it is a mood enhancer. Cheerful positive people are good to be with and last longer.

Increase your Social Circle, go where people are, go to Church, play Badminton, join things etc. People with a lot of interests last longer and it also keeps your mind active. People can be annoying but they are a source of interest and amusement.
Make sure your computer skills are up to date so that if you do get housebound you can online shop and keep in touch with everyone.

You are what you eat. Keep your weight down. Not too much processed food. Everything in moderation. I follow the 5:2 diet as it suits me.

My DF lived until he was 96 in quite good health. He broke his leg in the end which finished him off. He was an opinionated, gregarious, intelligent person who walked all his life and was always up to something. My FIL is 90, he still drives, and does the shopping, cooking washing etc. he has led an outdoor life and has always been slim. He is also a very positive person and always looks on the bright side. Everyone loves him, including me.
Best of luck regarding your longevity. ��

Musicaltheatremum Mon 02-Feb-15 21:12:34

I am 51. Overweight but quite fit. I have recently got myself a personal trainer. Female who is great. I am doing a lot with weights as this is really good for building muscle and getting control of your core muscles which help with balance and reduce the risks of falls later. I'm doing lots of step ups and squats and muscles are getting stronger. I am also keeping carbs low in my diet and eating more protein and fat as the carbs lead to high insulin levels which put all the fat round your middle. (Muffin top). Also agree with what holeinmyheartsaid

strongandlong Mon 02-Feb-15 21:18:20

Exercise, especially strength training. Most women lose muscle mass steadily once they're past 30 which a) slows the metabolism and leads to fat gains and b) leads to a loss of strength which leads in turn to eventual loss of mobility and balance.

Pilates or good old fashioned weightlifting. My gym has quite a few women lifting in their 50s/60s/70s and they look (and feel) amazing.

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