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jaundice in newborn

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lemonice Wed 21-Apr-04 17:13:23

Sure this must be covered somewhere but can't find it. My ds had it and I don't remember it being a problem but gs is smaller and a bit prem so (sounds awful) does it matter? And what causes it I know its something to do with liver function and responds to sunlight

tamum Wed 21-Apr-04 17:26:46

It's a build-up of bilirubin, lemonice. The UV light helps to break it down. It is thought that if the bilirubin is left to accumulate to abnormal levels it could cause brain damage, but there doesn't seem to be much real data to base that on- it's so easy just to give them UV that it's not really worth trying not to, if you see what I mean. My ds had it *really* badly, and he's a strapping 9 year old now. They'll probably just keep an eye on your grandson and pop him under the lights if necessary. I'm sure he'll be fine!

LIZS Wed 21-Apr-04 17:31:36

Neonatal jaundice is very common in newborns and often requires no treatment, although frequent feeding and put baby sleeping in front of window can help it clear faster. It is to do with the bilurubin(sp?) levels which are high after birth and need to breakdown and be excreted.

The hospital may do a blood test to check the level is falling (although there is a non-invasive test for this too) and whether he needs phototherapy (special lamp) to help clear it. Most cases lose the yellowness in a couple of weeks. Both mine had it and were fine without any need for treatment.

lemonice Wed 21-Apr-04 17:34:39

Thanks It's difficult to remember some of these bits and pieces now I have teenagers and don't want to be dishing up too much rubbish/inaccurate stuff. Though thats probably part of the Grandma brief. Already had wrist slapped for suggesting biting baby nails, but i did say check out this idea first and maybe i did that when they were a bit older!

Thomcat Wed 21-Apr-04 17:41:52

Lottie had it. Looked so cute when they had finished putting her uner the UV lamps. She came home with us all suntanned and gorgeous looking!

That's all the did by the way, they made her a little blindfold and put her under lamps.

How's it all going apart from that anyway?

lemonice Wed 21-Apr-04 17:50:40

Thomcat thanks for the enquiry. Generally fine although dd was fed up that she seems not to have been in the loop, she only got to see the paediatrician today after making a fuss and they then checked blood sugar and checked her milk with espresso machine and generally gave her some help for the first time. Lots of other mums seemed to have been and gone and she is keen to come home. Thinks they treat her differently because she is young and I'm sure she's right as lots of mums are older and more assertive and demanding. But hopefully she will go home tomorrow and feel a lot happier. Tho she looked quite happy this afternoon.

Thomcat Wed 21-Apr-04 17:52:59

Great news. Have you / your daughter got a video or a DVD machine. I have a great DVD for very young babies I'd like to send you if you don't mind emailing through mumsnet and letting me have your address. It's up to you, no worries either way.

popsycal Wed 21-Apr-04 19:37:39

DS had it *really really* badly just after birth and is now a chunky 20 month old who is as bright as a button and full of life.

It is, as others have said, to do with bilirubin levels and liver function. Very common in a mild form in many babies. If the hospital is worried, they will do a SBr blood test and if necessary to see how is.

If my DS can come out unscathed after the seriousness of his condition after birth, I am sure your GS will be fine!

Keep us up to date and do ask for more info if you need it.

Pops x

lou33 Wed 21-Apr-04 19:51:56

Ds2 had it pretty badly too, up until he was about 6 weeks old,and although he has cerebral palsy, it was not related to the jaundice.

Marina Thu 22-Apr-04 10:22:53

Both mine had it quite badly and only just dodged the lights (although from Lottie's experiences it sounds pretty relaxing!) but they are both fine now. Is gs' cot near a window on the ward? Getting him into sunshine for a while will help. Sympathies to your dd, lemonice - for medical reasons I was on the ward much longer than other mums who delivered at the same time as me and I did feel very left out! Congratulations to you all btw.

lemonice Thu 22-Apr-04 11:45:07

Thanks that would be great, yes Thomcat i will try and email you tho last time i tried to someone else it bounced back.

They did bloods yesterday evening and they came back borderline. He fed well during the night and should have the results of this morning bloods by 12.00 so i am anxiously waiting to see. I really hope they can both go home today. he is by the window but unfortunately there are builders (not coke type) right outside all day and because on first floor no nets! Obviously ok for baby but ds is tryingto breastfeed about 18 inches from building sawing wood.

lemonice Thu 22-Apr-04 13:27:35

Baby bloods now improved/ok. So dd is desperate to escape and has ordered me to fetch them at 2.00 although midwife says has lots of paperwork.
So off I go.

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