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Can these results be causing my symptoms even though they are lower end of normal?

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sammyjayneex Mon 26-Jan-15 18:37:48

went for blood tests today due to a follow up as I was referred to hospital due to unexplained symptoms and my TSH was 2.0 (reference ranges where 2.0-5.0) and my T4 was about 17.4 ( might not be exact for the dot coz forgot the last number after seeing it)

If your TSH is at the lower end could that be what's causing your symptoms? The consultant dismissed the fact it's on the lower end? My previous results where 2.7 and 1.54. Are they supposed to change like that?

RockinD Tue 27-Jan-15 12:30:43

It’s really helpful if you have the reference ranges with your results. However, that aside, my gut feeling is that your TSH is a tad high and your FT4 is a tad low, so this might indicate that you are running into thyroid issues. I think the fluctuation in results would support this.

I’m sure the others will be along in a minute and we’ll see what they say.

Can you tell us what your symptoms are? Have you had any other tests done?

sammyjayneex Tue 27-Jan-15 17:57:35

Thank you!

My main symptom is excessive sweating when I'm doing things, I sweat so much my clothes are wet. Increased palpitations
Short temper can't cope with minor things
Sensitive eyes and feel like I need to 'stare' quite a lot into space
My periods where every 40 days until I went on the pill when usually they are every 30
Lots of digestion problems (moderate acid reflux)
Get tired very easily
Have moments where my body feels tingly in my arms and legs
I've had over blood tests like the standard ones Like electrolytes ect

Gatekeeper Wed 28-Jan-15 13:14:56

sorry for the hijack but when having blood tests to check for thyroid irregularities do they do the T4 automatically? I have only ever been told results of the TSH one (2.98)

sammyjayneex Wed 28-Jan-15 18:14:58

In not sure
I only had it done because I was referred to the hospital
I'm going to get a print of my results and have a good look and maybe you could too to check if you had the T4 done?
I just hate living with these symptoms and being told there is nothing wrong with but after doing research it appears to me that I have a lot of symptoms of thyroid disorder

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