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Joint Hypermobility Sydrome - Is it worth getting a diagnosis?

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Allegrogirl Mon 26-Jan-15 12:26:23

DH is 45 and has had joint problems for many years. Having looked at The NHS website he has all but two of the symptoms for JHS (the two he hasn't his dad has). He has had to change careers (left nursing), had knee, thumb and jaw dislocations, major knee reconstruction surgery, chest pains, constant gastro problems etc, etc. Codeine doesn't touch it and just makes him cranky.

We're both finding it hard to live with. DH is trying to ignore it but he is tired, bad tempered and looks drawn and haggard most of the time. No diagnosis from GPS despite visits over the years for the above. One GP has suggested fybromylagia but not referred him to a rheumatologist. GP just prescribes lots of drugs but they don't help and DH can't cope with the side effects.

I think he should push for a diagnosis but DH doesn't see the point.

Can anyone who has been down that path advise?

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