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One "unhealthy"; toe?

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AnonymousBird Sat 24-Jan-15 07:27:23

The other day, I cut my toe nails. Noticed that one toe was a bit red and puffy in the top half, but not at all sore so just put it down to feet not seeing the light of day in months. Last night, I woke up as a toe nail seemed to have become loose. It's the same toe. I have not stubbed or otherwise injured the toe, but it remains red with a very loose nail.

Other toes all ok, normal colour and all nails fine. Nail not quite loose enough to just come off, so currently have put a plaster around until it is.

Just one of those things, or something I should get checked?

IsItMeOr Sat 24-Jan-15 07:31:02

DH has had a lot of problems with some of his toe nails.

I just started typing a long explanation of the gross thing that happened to DH (don't worry, he's still alive and has all his toes), then decided that was unhelpful, and that the important thing was that it's probably worth getting it checked out by the GP!

AnonymousBird Sat 24-Jan-15 09:05:48

Thank you, I don't normally have problems, and it is only the one toe. I am going for a health check soon, so will flag it up then.

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