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Heavy period

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sassandfaff Thu 22-Jan-15 16:08:14

I'm normally quite heavy anyway, especially on my 2nd day (which today is) but I'm really heavy today.

I'be doubled up all day on super plus and a pad and I've lost count whether its 7 or 8 of each so far.

I changed a superplus at 3.15pm and I've just had to change again at 4 including the pad as I had leaked.

I'm only just 40 so maybe a little young for the menopause or maybe not?

Is this a symptom?

I'm just glad I'm a sahm because today would have been a nightmare in a job!

ghostinthecanvas Thu 22-Jan-15 16:15:30

Go to the doctor. Heavy periods that interfere with your quality of life can be dealt with. Doc might recommend the mirena coil. Endometrial ablation is also a choice. It's not something that you have to put up with. Mefenemic acid and tranexamic are great. I use them.

sassandfaff Fri 23-Jan-15 09:56:10

Thanks ghost

I'm going to wait for my next one and if its the same again, I will go. Just in case it's a blip. My last period was unusual too, in that it was light and lasted about 2 weeks and I had big clots, which I never get.

Definitely something going on.

ghostinthecanvas Fri 23-Jan-15 12:22:56

Clots could be caused by the heavy flow. Are you in a lot of pain too? I would bet that your next period will be the same. Not necessarily menopausal. You will get tired as well, bleeding that much and for so long. Maybe best to go to gp sooner rather than later.

sassandfaff Fri 23-Jan-15 17:13:51

No not really. I had some pain yesterday but it was just a normal period pain.

I started low carbing 3/4 weeks ago. Someone has said it may be that.

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