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Cervical erosion?

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PurpleLilies Wed 21-Jan-15 18:40:06

Hi everyone. This is my first post, but I have been lurking on mumsnet for a while (when I fell pregnant 17 months ago).

Today I went to the doctor as I have been having a lot of pain during sex, usually towards my perineum area. This has been happening since I had my baby 8 months ago, I also had second degree tears from the birth but these have since healed well. I have also had an episode of light bleeding that lasted for a day, 3 days after my period stopped. The doctor had a look with a speculum and said she can see a cervical erosion, and that she would refer me for treatment of this. She also took some swabs for various STDs. I am in a long term relationship (5 years) so I don't think my symptoms can be related to an STD.

I'm only 24 and live in England, so have not yet had a smear. I'm now worried sick that this could actually be cervical cancer, as I stupidly googled and realised I have quite a few of the symptoms (pain during sex, abnormal bleeding, lower back pain - although could be from carrying an 8 month old around a lot of the day).

I'm going to ring the doctor again tomorrow, to see if they'll give me a smear test but unsure if they will as im still 7 months away from being 25! Im just wondering if anyone has any experience / knowledge of cervical erosions, and could reassure me, as i'm going out of my mind with worry at the moment. Thanks.

WhodidyousayIshouldbe Wed 21-Jan-15 19:02:10

Hi there, I had a cervical erosion about 15 years ago.

Cervical erosion is a normal condition that occurs when the squamous epithelial cells grow out of the cervix and form an inflamed, red, velvet-type area that looks eroded and infected. The normal cervix has a narrow passage called the os which is lined with glandular cells that secret mucus; the rest of the cervical surface is lined with flat, epithelial, cells on the outer surface. While it sounds scary to think that your cervix is eroded, there is no actual erosion.

Various types of trauma can cause cervical erosion. Sexual intercouse, tampons, the insertion of a speculum or other objects into the vagina are all ways that trauma may occur. Other causes include severe vaginal infections or STDS such as herpes or early syphilis. Forgetting to remove your tampon can cause vaginal infections that can lead to cervical erosion. Occasionally vaginal douches or other chemicals such as contraceptive creams or foams cause cervical erosion.

Mine was discovered after I had an abnormal smear result because it bled and contaminated the smear. In truth I think the ham fisted doctor caused it when she did the smear as she appeared to be trying to reach my tonsils with the speculum! It healed in its own time and I've never had another. Sometimes antibiotics are used if there is an infection or cauterisation. Your GP hasn't explained very well so you could do with chatting to her or another GP at the surgery to set your mind at rest until your treatment and she is just exploring the cause by doing tests to make sure you get treated appropriately.

Hope that helps.

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