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Bonded retainers after Invisalign??

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Artistic Wed 21-Jan-15 12:45:19

After having perfect teeth for all of my childhood & adult life, I suffered gum disease in my mid-thirties. The reason for this was primarily stress coupled with childbirth & calcium loss. Unfortunately this caused a bit of movement in my teeth which no longer looked 'perfect' as before. So I underwent some Invisalign treatment - I say 'some' because only few aligners were needed to set the problem right. The movement though minor, is like to recur as is known incase of teeth that have once moved.

Before making the final retainer my dentist has asked me if I want to opt for a wire behind my upper teeth - over which my retainers would go. This was for added assurance to keep the uppers in place as my root cause of gum disease can rear its ugly head any time.

The wire is a double edged problem...on one hand it will provide additional support (I do not want my teeth moving again ever!!). However am worried about (a) will it be uncomfortable? I've never had any braces as a teen or any other mouth implants, hardly any fillings either (b) will it make my teeth/gums harder to clean thereby helping my gum disease resurface? (c) how long will the wire remain in position?

My options are to go with a simple Invisalign retainer to be worn 1-2 times a week (tbh am not sure this is enough to stop my teeth as there has been some bone loss) or to have a wire put in and also have the Invisalign retainer which I wear 1-2 times & it's ok if I sometimes forget.

Would appreciate any experiences/ input please?

candyflosspuss Tue 27-Jan-15 16:45:08

Hi Artistic, I have bonded retainers on my top and bottom teeth! I had my braces on for 13 months and was advised to have the bonded retainers fitted to stop the teeth moving back. My teeth weren't very crooked but enough to warrant the braces and they weren't on too long either.

The bonded wires cover 6 teeth on the bottom and just 2 on the top and they are on there permanently.

I really haven't found any problems with the wires, when they were first fitted it took a few days to get used to them being there and they rubbed slightly on the inside of my lips, but this really didn't last very long as your mouth adapts.

I see my hygienist regularly as plaque can build-up on the teeth behind the wires but using TePe brushes helps.

Personally I would go for the bonded retainers as you won't have to keep remembering to put the Invisalign retainer in and you won't ever have to worry about the newly straightened teeth moving back again!

NormHonal Tue 27-Jan-15 16:54:14

I've had a wire behind my top teeth since finishing Invisalign treatment about 7 years ago. A couple of years back the first one broke and I had to have a new one put in.

Otherwise, yes food does get trapped, but I'm in the habit of carrying floss and floss sticks and can usually deal with it. Otherwise I don't even notice the wire most of the time and forget it's there.

FWIW, whilst I was having treatment a complete stranger came up to me and advised me to get a wire fitted after treatment.

For me it was far preferable to using the retainers.

Artistic Mon 02-Feb-15 14:05:58

Thank you for sharing your experiences..I'll be seeing my dentist this week & will take the call after.

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