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Five year old DD still has short hair!!

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jemstipp Tue 20-Jan-15 12:31:53

I know that something similar was up for discussion recently so I was wondering how many people out there have girls who still have short hair. My daughter dreams of Rapunzel like hair and keeps asking when it will be long like other little girls in her class at school, even her younger sister (almost three years old, has longer hair). HELP!!!!

TheHappyCamper Tue 20-Jan-15 12:48:32

I don't think there is anything you can do. You are not alone! My 5.9 year old dd still has 'baby hair' - very fine and just won't grow past shoulder length. You can clearly still see her scalp. She is quite sensitive about it as well.

I just reassure her that her hair is lovely and let her style it how she likes and choose headbands etc.

The only positive I can see so far is that all the other girls have had nits at least twice and she hasn't - don't think they can cling on! grin

notasausage Tue 20-Jan-15 22:26:14

A friends child has a similar issue. I believe it can in some cases be a symptom of other Heath issues. Speak to your doctor.

iamusuallybeingunreasonable Tue 20-Jan-15 22:31:12

It's perfectly normal, I have one here!! Going to a doctor is rubbish advice, it will happen you are just blessed with a baby haired princess smile

aliciasmama Wed 21-Jan-15 10:07:54

My Mum took me to the doctor for exactly this 30 years ago and the doctor told her to stop worrying. I now have ridiculously thick, fast growing and unruly hair! Try not to worry as long as she is eating a balanced diet and not deficient in anything she'll be fine.

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