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Ongoing knee pain

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Lottiedaisytoby Tue 20-Jan-15 08:41:19

Hello, I come on here quite a lot and as there is so much good advice given I was hoping I may be able to ask for some please.

I have a pain in my knee that I have had for about 2-3 months now. I had a really heavy fall October time. Landed on all fours, my knees felt really bruised and my ankle was a bit sore. Managed to get to gym week or so after and then after this I have had this pain.

At first it moved around my knee started at the front then the back and it seems to have settled to the side of my knee. It is a sharp pain like somebody is putting a knife in my leg. It is not all the time but I notice if I lie on that side in bed for example or cross my legs.

I had surgery recently and it seemed better after wearing the surgical stockings but has come back worse. I'm not very active at the moment and I am at least a couple of stone overweight.

It all seems a bit vague to bother GP with. My sensible head says it's damage from the fall that is just taking a while to heal. In the middle of the night I worry it is DVT.

Thanks for reading.

Linskibinski Tue 20-Jan-15 08:45:42

Get thee to the gp! You may have a torn meniscus. Either way you need a check up, possibly an X-ray then physio. Hopefully your check up will be all fine with just rest advised. I did my knee in almost a year ago not through injury it's just general wear and tear but it's still not right. I keep thinking if I had gone to the docs earlier my knee would have been sorted earlier. Get well soon thanks

footallsock Tue 20-Jan-15 08:52:50

I had similar - torn cartiledge from a fall. See GP and ask for a referral

Artistic Tue 20-Jan-15 10:17:23

I've struggled with various knee problems that I've finally overcome after years if struggle..but I can promise you it can work for you too. You've definitely got your knee damaged by the fall. You need to see a professional ASAP! These years worsen with time, so the sooner you see someone & get the year fixed, the better for you. However a damaged knee is seldom 100% ok. You do need to keep your legs strong to support a damaged knee. This can be achieved by a bit if weight loss, weight training (knee specific) & swimming. In combination these can strengthen your glutes & quads & hence support your knees better.

After years of knee pain due to flat feet, am finally in a better place after investing a whole year towards exercise, weightloss & mainly swimming.

Good luck!

Artistic Tue 20-Jan-15 10:17:59

*Tears not years!

Lottiedaisytoby Tue 20-Jan-15 10:38:47

Thank you. I've managed to fluke a gp appointment for this afternoon.

I've had so much going on this last couple of months I just keep ignoring it. I think though it should be getting better by now and something is not right.

Linskibinski Wed 21-Jan-15 21:57:43

How are you getting on? winkflowers

Lottiedaisytoby Thu 22-Jan-15 07:49:08

I saw gp who just gave me an exercise sheet. It's not constant agony but when it's sore it's very sore! Once I'm properly back on my feet after the op I've just had I will get back on weight loss regime and some swimming/exercise. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if it improves or deteriorates.
Was thinking of getting a support for it to see if that helps. The really weird thing about it is it hurts more when I'm not moving around than when I am! Glad I went to gp though because I guess if she isn't concerned then I shouldn't be.
Thanks for replied

ChristmasMoaner1 Thu 22-Jan-15 07:52:29

knee exercises do help a lot. I've been doing them for a while not and my knee pain is a lot better now. it takes a few weeks to start working though.

footallsock Thu 22-Jan-15 16:32:23

The fact that the knee hurts more when you are inactive is actually a classic sign of torn cartiledge. I was fine if I was mobile, but in agony if I sat still for over 10 mins. The first GO gave me same response as you. I struggled on for months before going back which was daft. As it had not healed I was sent for MRI and then had minor op. Now totally pain free but would not have been if GP had not admitted she was clueless on knees and sent me straight to re experts

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