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chest pain when exercising

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Dappymummy Mon 19-Jan-15 16:36:19

I will make an appointment to go to GP so I am not expecting anyone to diagnose me but for some time I sometimes experience chest pains when exercising (usually on right hand side) Today I was walking fast up a steep hill and experienced a slight pain. It is usually a fleeting couple of seconds and passes it off and I guess it happens when I am quite out of breath. I had a ecg last year for palpitations but everything came back clear. I do seem to injure my chest muscles quite easily as I am very tiny but still lug a 4 year old around a lot. Does anyone else get chest pains from heavy breathing ie muscular or do you think it is more likely something to do with my heart.

Snugglepiggy Mon 19-Jan-15 19:47:30

May be completely unrelated to your symptoms but I was getting short,sharp chest pains and feeling breathless when out walking my dogs.Was convinced I had a heart complaint but ECG was fine but blood tests showed I was chronically iron anaemic after years of heavy periods.I'd got so used to them I just didn't realise how much I'd been bleeding ,or considered anaemia as I had a really healthy diet with lots of the right foods.Hope you get it sorted and there's a simple explanation.

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