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Oversensitive teeth

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justanotherquestion Mon 19-Jan-15 10:53:06

Arghh, in agony here. All one side of my mouth seems to have become very sensitive to hot and cold and one tooth to pressure. It varies from day to day, somedays I need to take pain killers, other days the pain is more fleeting.

Sooo... I went to the Dentist last week and he says I am a 'grinder', the cold weather, acidic foods, a small chip off one tooth and over-brushing but not flossing, have all contributed to the problem. He recommended sensodyne toothpaste and a gum shield and said it should calm down soon.

I must admit, the sensodyne has probably helped, but I am now thinking that the day to day fluctuation is probably from 'grinding' at night. How much do these mouth guards cost? Can anyone recommend them? (not particularly enamoured with the idea of going to bed with a mouth guard!).

Anyone prepared to share experiences?

JaneFonda Mon 19-Jan-15 14:57:58

Oh get a mouth guard! I am a grinder, and they are fantastic.

I think mine was around £80 but it varies depending on your dentist, and they're custom made for you.

I cannot encourage you enough to get one - your pain will be dramatically reduced (if not gone completely) and your teeth will be protected from further damage.

JaneFonda Mon 19-Jan-15 14:59:28

Just to add, they're not at all like those giant sports mouth guards you're probably imagining. Mine is worn on my bottom teeth, and is very small and fits well (ie. I can have a conversation whilst wearing it and it doesn't affect my speech really).

GeorgeHerbert Mon 19-Jan-15 18:29:49

Agree, get a mouth guard! I grind my teeth and it got do bad I fractured a tooth right up to the root and it needed removing. You get used to them very quickly and I really notice toothache the next day if I go away and forget it. Mine was £75.

justanotherquestion Mon 19-Jan-15 18:47:21

Thanks. These mouth guards sound a lot cheaper than I thought! I will do anything to avoid the pain I am currently in!

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