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Could My Teenage Daughter be Diabetic?

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Ilovefluffysheep Sun 18-Jan-15 20:01:47

Possibly putting 2 + 2 together and making 5.

She asked me to google about the dirty marks she has around her neck and other places on her skin. She has had them a few years, always used to think she wasn't washing properly, but it isn't that! I believe she may have acanthosis nigricans. She is seeing a dermatologist a week on Friday about her acne, so will ask about this when we see him.

However, when looking into the skin condition, it suggested that it could be an indicator of other things, including diabetes. DD16 does have some of the symptoms - she is tired all the time, she had a fasting blood test a while ago to check her thyroid but nothing showed up. However, not sure this would have picked up diabetes?

She also happened to mention the other day that she felt a lot thirstier recently, and constantly dehydrated, and was drinking a lot. She was also peeing a lot, probably because of the drinking!

She hasn't lost any weight recently, nor is she obese (apparently acanthosis nigricans is much more common in obese people).

Would a Dr laugh me out of the surgery for asking for her to be tested for diabetes?

MatildaTheCat Sun 18-Jan-15 21:31:48

No, of course not although it is likely that her glucose levels were tested at the thyroid check.

Nobody minds sensible questions. Good luck, hope all is well.

Ilovefluffysheep Sun 18-Jan-15 22:37:35

Thanks Matilda.

The tiredness has been ongoing for years. Her time for going up to her room is 8pm (yes she is 16, and yes I'm sure lots of people will think I'm mad/mean/whatever!). She gets to read or do whatever til 9.30 on a school night, then it's lights out. However, she often doesn't last that late, quite often doesn't read at all and turns her light straight off at 8. Sometimes she even goes up to bed earlier! She isn't on her phone or iPad as these get charged outside her room.

I've always been lucky to have great sleepers, and whilst I'm grateful to have a lovely 16 year old who isn't interested in going out partying every night, her tiredness levels do worry me, as she is constantly moaning about being tired. Dr didn't really offer any follow up after thyroid test came back normal, so have just left it.

Carrie5608 Sun 18-Jan-15 22:41:46

you could go on to and get her to take the risk assessment. It tells you at the end if you need to see GP. The assessment is for type 2. You should also read about type 1.

Carrie5608 Sun 18-Jan-15 22:44:47

I would also ask the GP to check Vit D levels, iron levels, B12 etc

Ilovefluffysheep Mon 19-Jan-15 08:11:08

Thanks Carrie, will do.

earthereandeverywhere Mon 19-Jan-15 11:36:57

Hmm. If the tiredness has been going on for years, it is unlikely to be type 1 diabetes that is the culprit for that, as it would have descended into her becoming very ill before now from hyperglycaemia.

But with the recent thirst as well, definitely ask the doctor to check blood sugar, just to be safe. Sooner rather than later, because if it is the earlier it is caught the less chance of dka there is.

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