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JaneFonda Sat 17-Jan-15 22:21:41

I have a question about coldsores!

When I was a child I'm quite sure I caught it from my mum. However, I have never had a proper 'coldsore' like she did and like other people describe.

If I'm very run down or have got a bit of sunburn, I get a tingling on my lip and then a teeny little bump appears - it's skin coloured, and usually disappears within a day.

I've never had a proper blister or scab or anything like that. Is it still a coldsore? Is my immune system fighting the virus well, which means it doesn't actually blister? Or is it something else completely?


grandmainmypocket Sun 18-Jan-15 10:37:04

It sounds like a cold sore. Tingling, it's location and the fact it disappears by itself would indicate that.
You can pop to a pharmacy if you want someone to have a look when you next get one. They can ask you more questions.

JaneFonda Sun 18-Jan-15 12:47:38

I'm pretty sure it is, but I just wondered why I've never had a blister or scab or anything like that.

People talk about coldsores as if they're dreadful, but I've never found that - are there different strains of the virus that are stronger?

grandmainmypocket Sun 18-Jan-15 17:54:29

I think it's got more to do with your immune system but I could be different. Even people who do get scabs have different types of cold sores. Some which last longer than others depending on their body at the time.

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