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Running and ferritin levels

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muminhants Sat 17-Jan-15 15:53:03

I donate blood periodically and since the haemoglobin threshold was lowered from 125 to 120, I get rejected to give blood reasonably often with levels around 122. For a long time I took spatone. I take soluble iron from Boots in a drink once a day now rather than spatone.

I have run since 2010 and at first did really well and got better really quickly. In the middle of 2013 I ran out of steam and put it down to hot weather, but here we are in 2015 and I've not got back to where I was in terms of speed. Plateauing is common, but I have gone backwards.

It has been suggested that I get my ferritin levels looked at. I gave blood in mid November and my haemoglobin was fine. Ditto in November 2013. I give once a year as that seems to mean my iron levels are ok to donate (whereas if I go back more quickly I often get rejected) and also because giving blood affects my running for about 6 weeks so I try to time it for when it doesn't matter.

If my haemoglobin is good enough to give blood could my ferritin levels be low? My energy levels are fine otherwise, I just seem to have lost stamina and speed and I wasn't injured or ill when it happened.

I'd feel a bit guilty about seeing my GP as I'm not ill and the NHS is not there to facilitate my running (or running faster). My employer pays for health assessments but I'm not due one until Jan 2016.

Le1890 Sat 17-Jan-15 16:21:49


Yes absolutely your ferritin can be low with normal haemaglobin.

The gp describe ferritin levels like a savings account and your haemaglobin as you bill paying account. Basically to pay your bills and keep them up to date your taking from your savings so your savings levels I.e your ferritin levels are going down....

Your ferritin level is your iron stores.

I have had normal haemaglobin and very low ferritin before. It's also not a test that's routinely checked so you usually need to ask for it.

Hope this helps x

muminhants Sat 17-Jan-15 18:37:50

Thank you for the response - really helpful x

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