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iklboo Sat 17-Jan-15 12:27:23

How long (it might be piece of string I know!) do symptoms last? I was diagnosed Wednesday, given tablets for the nausea. I'm still horribly dizzy on sitting / standing.

We went for something to eat yesterday as I was getting stir crazy, but DH said I was holding onto the table like I was expecting it to fly away. Had to come home after about an hour.

I admit I'm a very bad patient. Also worried work will think I'm swinging the lead if I have to renew my Fit Note if I'm not well enough by next Wednesday. At this rate there's no way I'll be fit enough for the 1/2 mile walk to station each end, plus travelling at speed on train then sitting upright for 8 hours confused.

ineedtogetthisout Sat 17-Jan-15 12:30:42

It's different for everyone, probably not what you want to hear but I had it for about 5-6 weeks, I know someone who only had it for 10 days though.

You have my sympathy, its really awful thanks

Thumbwitch Sat 17-Jan-15 12:34:55

First time I had it, it lasted around 5 days. Second time, a little longer. My MIL has just had it and although the constant vertigo lasted for 2 weeks, she's had some intermittent recurrences (although I don't think that's viral, I think it's something else).

It's bloody horrible, isn't it? sad

iklboo Sat 17-Jan-15 12:38:54

It's sodding awful! I feel fine (ish) lying down & still apart from some tinnitus, but the minute I get up it's 'just got off the waltzers'.

I'm more worried people will think I'm malingering.

Thumbwitch Sat 17-Jan-15 12:42:59

I actually went to work the first day I had it - they sent me home again, as I had cold sweaty palms, looked bloody awful and couldn't do much without falling over. They told me not to come back until I was well (but then I did work in a hospital lab, so I was a pretty big liability!)

I found that the vertigo was much worse going from sitting to lying and vice versa if I went up/down in a forwards facing plane - if I did it on my side, i.e. sat on the bed and then tipped over sideways to be lying on my side, it was easier and I didn't get so much room spin.

WhispersOfWickedness Sat 17-Jan-15 12:47:13

It is really awful, you have my full sympathies!
It was a couple of weeks before I felt 'well' when I had it,although I have been sensitive to sudden changes of direction etc ever since, and have also had a recurrence this winter which lasted a few days sad

iklboo Sat 17-Jan-15 12:50:06

Thank you. If I'm not feeling up to it next week I'll just have to renew my fit note (do they do it over the phone??). I'm not rushing back this time. This is one thing I don't want to risk making worse!

Fullpleatherjacket Sat 17-Jan-15 13:00:43

Had this a few years back. It's horrible. It started improving after a couple of weeks just as went to see the GP who gave me anti sickness tabs but it was a few weeks before I felt a lot better. I still had minor recurrences a few months after that so it took a while to clear completely. Nasty thing.

Thumbwitch Sat 17-Jan-15 13:03:02

Whispers - my MIL has had recurrences, but it has been due to her putting undue pressure on her neck - having a neck massage, or osteopathy, could help get rid of that for you.

As well as two doses of full-on labyrinthitis, I had benign positional vertigo for a long time, would just catch me unawares every now and then - the osteopath I saw fixed it in 2 sessions. If I ever get it now, it's because my neck has been stressed in some way, and an osteopath can fix it again for me. Might be something to consider?

iklboo Sat 17-Jan-15 13:19:59

DH has just brought me a small portion of chips from the nicest local chippy. I could marry him all over again smile.

BigPawsBrown Sat 17-Jan-15 13:57:45

I had my first bout of it for about a week in sept 2013. It did sort of change me though - now whenever I get a virus I get vertigo and I don't like to look back and up (like star gazing, reaching for things from high cupboards). It generally doesn't do anything in the way of flare ups unless I have a virus (which was original cause) and I haven't had to have time off specifically with the vertigo since the first occurrence. Hope it goes soon!

maiscout Wed 21-Jan-15 16:16:19

I had labyrinthitis in December. The spinning lasted a week. The feeling of being on a boat lasted a month. I still get some dizzy spells that last a few minutes now and then but am 99% better. I hope you feel better soon!

iklboo Wed 21-Jan-15 17:14:47

Stood up too quickly today, went dizzy, fell over & cracked my head off the wardrobe. Not my best moment! blush

WhispersOfWickedness Wed 21-Jan-15 22:20:00

Thumb witch - I didn't see your message until now, sorry! That's interesting, as I have had neck 'issues' for a long time, I can't put my head back or lie flat on my back without feeling very sick and dizzy, this is since a long before the labrynthitis.

Iklboo - goodness, you poor thing! I really hope you start recovering soon! thanks

iklboo Wed 21-Jan-15 22:30:13

Thank you. I was Doing Too Much. Again. I will learn eventually.

DH has brought Hotel Chocolat fortified collection. Everything just got a whole HEAP better!

Koalafications Wed 21-Jan-15 22:34:00

My GP said that it could take up to 9 months to feel completely 'normal'. It took nearly 8 months for me.

Horrendous stuff, you have my sympathies flowers

meglet Wed 21-Jan-15 22:35:39

ugh, you poor thing. My sister had it 15yrs ago and it looked like the most wretched illness. Hope your on the mend soon.

Koalafications Wed 21-Jan-15 22:37:18

Doh! flowers,

WhispersOfWickedness Wed 21-Jan-15 23:03:38

He's a keeper grin

iklboo Sun 25-Jan-15 15:09:10


Thought I was getting better so went out for a short walk round shops yesterday. After about 20 mins I was hanging on to shelves.

Went for a shower this morning & nearly passed out in it. Had to sit on the loo to dry off.

Back to work Tuesday isn't looking like it's on does it?

BORED, FED UP & I'M GETTING UPSET NOW confusedconfusedconfused

Binglet Sun 25-Jan-15 15:21:26

I have had it on and off for a couple of years. GP has given me tablets but as I never know when I might have a dizzy spell I don't take them, as I refuse to take tablets each day for something I have maybe once a month. Hope you feel better soon. It's a horrible feeling.

iklboo Sun 25-Jan-15 15:36:41

Thanks Binglet. It's my first episode - been nearly 2 weeks. Don't think my boss is going to be pleased now. Ah well, nowt I can do really if I can't manage 1/2 mile walk to station, stand around for train, stand up for 20 min journey & 1/2 mile walk to work. Then sit upright for 7 hours before repeating it all again hmm.

manchestermummy Sun 25-Jan-15 16:04:49

You poor thing. I have had this and was off work for three months (sorry!). I was bed-bound for the first few weeks, too. When I did return, I did a phased return and it took me a further two months to get back to ft hours.

Six years on, I am still not right. I can't cope with things that spin, so watching roundabouts in playgrounds etc. is out of the question. And I am not convinced my balance is as good as it should.

It's a horrible illness and I think it's misunderstood by GPs sometimes - mine were rather dismissive and kept on telling me that it only lasts three days.

Sorry you are going through this.

DustBunnyFarmer Sun 25-Jan-15 16:14:37

I had my first bout of it for about a week in sept 2013. It did sort of change me though - now whenever I get a virus I get vertigo and I don't like to look back and up (like star gazing, reaching for things from high cupboards). It generally doesn't do anything in the way of flare ups unless I have a virus (which was original cause) and I haven't had to have time off specifically with the vertigo since the first occurrence.

Sounds eerily familiar, only difference being I had my first bout in 2012. The rolling seasickness and mild dizziness came back for a whole month in July 2013, which made swimming on holiday interesting. I was OK as long as I didn't try backstroke or floating on my back. I had a more recent bout in the new year and keep the tablets on me at all times as it sometimes flares up without warning, though it's usually a sign I'm brewing something viral. The main thing is to take it very, very easy and not overdo. My friend's husband overdid things and ended up fracturing his skull falling.

WellDidYa Sun 25-Jan-15 16:25:55

Did your dr talk to you about something like fragments of bone in your ear canal causing the same symptoms as labyr-etc ?

Mine did, but i cannot remember for the life of me what it was called.....

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