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Canesten pessary- standard or gel?

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LakeFlyPie Sat 10-Jan-15 15:22:36

Have just seen a gel pessary is available as well as the chalky one I've used previously. Is it better / preferable? TIA

BreeVDKamp Sat 10-Jan-15 15:47:32

I am always having to use these and recently discovered the gel!!! Much better results for me although the one I used last night doesn't seem as effective as the last gel one I used...

Anyway, definitely gel. They're HUGE but much better IME

BreeVDKamp Sat 10-Jan-15 15:48:15

Just seems much more comfortable that shoving chalkiness up there smile

BreeVDKamp Sat 10-Jan-15 15:48:34

*than ugh sorry

LakeFlyPie Sat 10-Jan-15 15:51:32

Thanks,will give the gel a go

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