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Yes, it's vaginal prolapse time again

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Stupidoldfool Thu 08-Jan-15 21:22:32

Had a fibroid resection (vaginal) 6 weeks ago. Was meant to have a mirena but doc said my cervix was too open (cheers). Then week before Christmas had weird sensations "down below"(!) and again after going to loo. I felt inside and definitely felt a funny old bulge descending into my vagina. Popped it back in with finger (bit shocked) made emergency appointment with gp. Gp did internal and said it was not a prolapse as such, just a bit swollen coz of op. Natch, I'd popped it back up! He said not to worry. (They know me as a raving hypochondriac btw)

Anyway, something still falls down every now and then, with a bit of bleeding occasionally (still bleeding a bit after op + period) and I pop it back up for the time being.

Question is, is my self help sensible? I worry about an infection, damaging with my digit? I'm waiting for appointment to see gynae after op. I've been doing pelvic floor exercises like mad since. I'm hoping I'm not in for a future of weeing myself (and the rest).

It could be, but if it is there is plenty that can be done to help. While you wait for your appointment it would be a good idea to keep a note of when it is happening, how often, at particular times in your cycle or after being on your feet all day etc. Perhaps ask the gynae to examine you standing up. Also keep a note of any other symptoms, pains, difficulty with urination (or the reverse) ditto bowel movements, discomfort during intercourse, anything really. And keep doing the exercises!

It might be a good idea (if you can) to avoid heavy lifting and high impact exercise, you may well not be doing any of that anyway as you have just had an op.

pinkfrocks Fri 09-Jan-15 08:43:07

What's a vaginal fibroid resection? You mean they removed fibroids vaginally?
Being blunt, they may have 'prised you open' during the op to get to your uterus and stretched your vaginal walls.
If you examine yourself, is the bulge on the front wall( facing your tummy) or the back wall facing your back?
In my experience, having a quick internal does not always show up prolapse- it didn't with mine. Took 2 other gynaes to have a fumble before the 2nd one agreed. You should have been asked to lie on your side and bear down/ cough while they looked- were you?

Keep doing the exercises and even if it is a prolapse if it's bad then you can have an op to sort it- not yet, but if needed.

Stupidoldfool Fri 09-Jan-15 16:05:11

It's feels more like to the side��? Thanks for the repliies. Yeah, the attempted to remove/shave the fibroid while doing a hysteroscopy. I take on board about diagnosis.

I really wondered if my living day to day by my self help methods are sensible?

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