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So what could it be?

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jofebo4 Thu 08-Jan-15 10:08:08

Hi all,

I've had long term hip/pelvic pain (for about 9 years, had spd which didn't every go complete). Pain has gotten worse again over past couple of months. Had a fall last year and xrays/mri all ok.

On painkillers, not really working. Basically, hips (right is worse) constantly needs to click, and the right feels like it pops in and out (severe pain when this happens).

When lying down, left leg can be lifted straight to about 60' before pain, right leg can be picked up barely off the table/bed/chair. When I try to do this, get severe tingling down right leg, and pain around the pelvis.

I've been referred to a consultant physio for more testing etc (can take upto three months).

Anyone have any idea what this could be? Thanks

Le1890 Thu 08-Jan-15 16:04:58

I have something that sounds similar. I had spd in both pregnancies and was told it was related to my sacroiliac joint. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction .My youngest is now almost 2 and I still have problems.

Apparently sacro iliac joint problems down tend to show on scans etc. not sure if it's same thing but I've found physio did help for a bit. X

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