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Erm...started making breastmilk again. Normal?

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AllIWant85 Wed 07-Jan-15 22:58:33

The past few days my breasts have felt tender at random times in the day. This evening they were really aching, similar to a overfull feeling when breastfeeding. I massaged from the top downwards to try and relieve the pain and milk came out! I have a 2.5yo and haven't breastfed for over a year. shock

My milk dried up pretty quickly after stopping and I've never been able to produce milk since. Does this sound normal? Should I get it checked out? The pain is a concern but there's no lumps , hot patches and I'm otherwise healthy.

Just a bit confused. Any advice appreciated!

butwhiletheresmusicandlaughter Wed 07-Jan-15 23:06:20

I'm sure you've already thought of this, but it can be a pregnancy symptom...

AllIWant85 Wed 07-Jan-15 23:13:17

shock shock

Can it? I thought that if you were pregnant your body doesn't make milk until the third trimester?

butwhiletheresmusicandlaughter Wed 07-Jan-15 23:20:35

I think it can start much earlier than that in some cases, but I think a hormonal imbalance can also cause the symptoms you describe. I would definitely recommend getting it checked out by your GP, to put your mind at rest if nothing else.

AllIWant85 Wed 07-Jan-15 23:22:23

I've just checked and I was due af the 3rd! Going to get a test tomorrow. My cycles are a bit weird though.

Thank you for replying, I'd not thought of pregnancy. I'll be very surprised if I am!!

AllIWant85 Wed 07-Jan-15 23:24:40

If it's bfn then I'll book an appointment with the GP. It's not hugely painful but the ache is noticeable and its uncomfortable. The only other time I've felt something similar was when I was breastfeeding.

butwhiletheresmusicandlaughter Wed 07-Jan-15 23:30:17

Good luck with the test, I hope you get the answer you

Anotheronesoon Wed 07-Jan-15 23:32:07

I produced a bit of milk at the end of first trimester with ds2. Had not been breastfeeding for 5 months. Then it stopped and I had nothing again until baby born. I would do a test if I were you. Good luck for the result you want!

PoppySausage Wed 07-Jan-15 23:35:19

I stopped bf a year ago and still get milk. I'm not sure it always stops

AllIWant85 Thu 08-Jan-15 00:02:22

I haven't had milk there before, not since one month after stopping feeding.

Thanks for the good wishes. I'll let you know once I've tested. I'd be happy to be expecting, just surprised. smile

noitsbecky Thu 08-Jan-15 00:15:36

Another one here who thinks you're pregnant.

Kittykat7 Thu 08-Jan-15 00:34:32

Are you on any medication? It can be a side effect? It could be a hormone imbalance of Prolactin.

itsbetterthanabox Thu 08-Jan-15 00:38:21

A rareish side effect of ssri antidepressants is lactation. I have that side effect. It's just a little milk though.

AllIWant85 Thu 08-Jan-15 08:44:47

Well I tested and it was bfn. Still no sign of af though.

Not on any medication at all. I'm not worried by the milk, the aching was more of a concern.

Will see if I can book an appointment with the GP.

RockinD Thu 08-Jan-15 12:18:02

Sounds like a hormone imbalance. Probably sensible to get your prolactin checked.

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 08-Jan-15 12:42:38

Was not surprised to read that your cycles are also a bit weird, the excess prolactin is of that overall imbalance.

Do get this checked by the GP.

Britbird Thu 08-Jan-15 12:45:15

You should see your GP about this. It could be your prolactin is too high and there are several causes for this.

AllIWant85 Thu 08-Jan-15 17:59:29

Have made an appointment for a week Monday. Was the earliest I could see my own GP. I guess if af hasn't arrived by then that needs addressing too? I'm never more than a week late so Saturday should be the latest it arrives.

Willdoitinaminute Fri 09-Jan-15 23:07:50

Increase in the hormone prolactin can cause erratic cycle and eventually lead to them stopping altogether. Other symptoms are milk production, fatigue and sometimes weight gain. Make sure your GP checks prolactin and thyroid function. It can often be a temporary blip in hormones. I have had problems with my prolactin levels for the last 30 years. It doesn't cause problems unless the levels creep up, then I take medication to treat it.

CorporateRockWhore Fri 09-Jan-15 23:15:09

My friend had this and it was due to under active thyroid.

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