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Lots of bleeding smear test

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Ziggy15 Wed 07-Jan-15 20:06:13

I just had my first smear test and i was terrified because there was so much blood,

She put the speculum in and it was uncomfortable then rammed it in harder and it hurt so much, i felt a quick sweep of her on my cervic then alot of warm, and she said she was shocked at how much i bled.
She said she touched my cervix and a load of blood came out. is this normal?

Theres still alot in my pants too and its enough to warrant a small pad.
Im worried sick its abnormal and i am terrified she will want me to have it again and i don't think i can go back and get another smear it was too traumatic.

acatcalledjohn Wed 07-Jan-15 22:02:22

Where did you have it done? If the GP surgery, maybe try ringing a local family planning clinic for advice (or vice versa). It's likely nothing, but for peace of mind of ask a professional. Good luck smile

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