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Eustachian Tube dysfunction?

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Seaoftroubles Wed 07-Jan-15 09:39:12

Anyone else had this and if so how long did it take to clear? I originally went to the G.P because of dulled hearing, and had my ear syringed which as well as not improving things resulted in an ear infection.A week later, I still had discomfort, a feeling of fullness in the ear and still couldn't hear properly. A Eustachian tube blockage was diagnosed which gives these symptoms (due to an imbalance of pressure on either side of the ear drum) and yesterday I was prescribed steroid ear drops and nasal spray.Well ..the nasal spray was fine,but after the second application of steroid ear drops my ear stung and hurt and today feels very sore.I have made an appt to go back and see the G.P as I think I may have reacted to the drops but am thoroughly fed up and wondered if anyone else has had this and how long it took to clear up?

Debs45 Sun 08-Feb-15 22:15:52

Hi seaoftroubles. I have had eustachain tube dysfunction for approximately 1 year now. Though did not get a diagnosis until I saw my GP 6 months ago when I suddenly realised that I had tinnitus. Anyway, I have tried a steroid nasal spray for 2 months, steam inhalation for 10 minutes 3 times daily and carbocisteine tablets 3 times a day (though probably prescribed these by my GP as I have lung disease as well) . Have a look at the blog:
It may be useful. All the best, I am waiting for my appointment with ENT in about 6 weeks as may need grommets...

Seaoftroubles Mon 09-Feb-15 08:50:29

Hi Debs.thank you for your reply-I should have updated as my ear has now now cleared..I stopped the steroid drops which the G.P. thought I had reacted to, but continued with the spray and after about 2 weeks things started to improve. The feeling of fullness has gone but I am aware my ear still feels sensitive and I think I have a bit of hearing loss.I will have a look at the blog, thank you. I do hope you get some relief when you have seen the specialists as it really is a very frustrating condition.Good luck!

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